10 suggestions to help you make sure your child is ready to go to summer camp

The summer season is just around the corner, and summer camps can provide much-needed structure for kids’ schedules as they provide them with the opportunity to build their social and cognitive skills outside of school.

But there’s plenty of effort and time involved in preparing your child for summer camp, especially in the case of their first visit to a camp.

Here are 10 suggestions for parents seeking advice about how best to get ready for camps:

1. Discuss it in the beginning

Get books from the library about experiences at camp that both of you and your child can read with each other.

2. Include them in the decision-making process.

Discuss camp options together and identify a few friends who are able to attend camp with.

3. Be able to combat anxiety by focusing on the positive

Make sure your child is excited about camp by checking out the website of the camp for photos and discussing some of the activities that they’ll take part in.

4. It is a good idea to practice separation through sleepovers and play dates.

Help your child be less anxious at being separated from home by allowing them to leave the house and out into the world.

5. Bring 1-2 reminders of their home to make them feel more at home

Let your child bring along a stuffed animal or a photo of their own to help them feel safe.

6. Make sure to apply sunscreen and provide them with a haton the beach in order to shield their skin

Apply sunscreen before waking up. You could consider sending them spray sunblock for their bodies and a stick of sunscreen for their face to make it easier to apply the sunscreen for themselves.

7. Speak to the camp director about allergies, medical requirements or other issues.

Inform your child that the director of camp is aware of health issues and to speak up whenever they have a need.

8. If your child suffers from an ongoing condition, such as diabetes or asthma, have them undergo an exam for physicals prior to going to camp.

If your child is suffering from more serious health issues, it may be beneficial to seek out camps that are tailored to the child’s requirements.

9. If you are attending sporting camps, make sure you pack enough water to ensure that they remain well-hydrated

In accordance with the exercise level and intensity, consider packing at least one to one and a half liters for a half-day and two to two and a half liters for a full day.

10. Make sure your child is not allowed to share helmets, hats or hair brushes to stop lice

If your child is lice-ridden and has lice, apply a shampoo and comb to remove hair nits.

With these points to keep in mind, make sure you help your child be excited about camp. Camp is an excellent chance to meet new people make new friends, develop important techniques and create lasting memories.