1. Send an Invitation

In this frantic technological world, things can to be rushed and unimportant. Inviting guests to your party through the mail is an ideal method to show your guests that you’re thoughtful and paying attention to the smallest of details. The invitation sets the stage for the entire night and who doesn’t love receiving something lovely inside the post?

I’m even tempted to use an image that is in line to the subject. I’ll go to the nearest post office to look at what they have to offer, and then choose a stamp which matches my theme or color scheme. If I am thinking before time, I’ll purchase gorgeous stamps on Etsy or customize them with The little things such as that will truly knock your guests’ off their feet. When it comes to invitations, Courtney at Poppy Jack Shop certainly designed a gorgeous invitation for us!

2. Create a Beautiful Table

To create a summer solstice on the beach theme, I decided to keep things simple; however, I also wanted to make it pretty. The landscape itself is gorgeous, and the rest of the details could be quite simple. The tabletop accessories were basic white plates that were topped with flatware in bronze, crystal glassware, and cream napkins. A few of these items might already be on your shelves at home! Making small details, such as menus and place cards, is always a good idea to make your table look more attractive immediately.

Courtney of Poppy Jack Shop designed each of our beautiful pieces; however, you can easily create similar items at home. One of my favorite napkin tips is to tie the napkins with knots instead of simply folding them. This can make it more intriguing. The napkin is folded in half to form an arc, and then the long end is taken and tied into the knot. I’ll typically fluff it a little after to ensure it’s nice; however, this is one tie I frequently wear because I love the simple style it creates. These napkins come from the Little Market.

3. Invest in Florals

I cannot say enough that floral arrangements make everything look prettier. Even though it’s a cost making fresh arrangements to any occasion is essential. If you get a florist that is excellent and beautiful, these gorgeous arrangements created by M.V. Florals are the reason why the table was so beautiful. We opted for creams and greenery with a hint of blush for some color. I love how they appear on the beach, with the sandy.

If you aren’t able to afford an experienced florist, shop at your local supermarket to purchase flowers. For example, Trader Joe’s as well as Whole Foods have a great range of flowers. If you aren’t able to purchase floral arrangements, basic fruit or greens can be used to beautify tables easily. We made use of bud vases for the table, which I set on wooden boards over the above the table to create some layers. It gives some more depth.

4. Get the vibe going by playing a great playlist

Music can make any party more enjoyable, and allowing your guests to enter into the party with music playing is crucial. For the outdoor gathering, we opted for Stelle Audio’s incredible portable speaker. The sound was fantastic, and our hostess had a playlist that she had prepared ahead of time. It was the perfect blend of music for dinner with a beachy vibe, which we loved! You can watch it on this page.

5. Great Food & Wine are Memorable

What you serve your guests could determine the success or failure of your dinner event. It’s real; if you go out for dinner, the atmosphere and service could be exceptional; however, when the food is okay, you won’t return. In the meantime, you should think about your guests and make sure that you are aware of any food allergies or dislikes within your group.

What I enjoyed the most about this event was our concept for the long charcuterie table! We had it basically run across the table and provided a great opportunity for guests to get involved while eating some delicious desserts. It was certainly an absolute highlight of our event, and I’m so glad Colette’s Catering helped make my idea a reality! In addition, Alatheia’s husband took part in making the table (gotta bring the husband’s participation there!)

Additionally, I’m an avid advocate of having more than you think you require in terms of food and drinks, because you will never run out of something like this. The party we attended featured various excellent wines from One Hope, and I particularly enjoyed their rose. Also, make sure that you purchase your drinks for your event to buy a few additional bottles to have on hand and who doesn’t want to have more wine on hand? !

6. Enjoy a great time

Things you don’t normally think of, such as candles, lighting, or just a pretty setting, can make your evening more enjoyable. For outdoor parties, particularly, you must consider lighting. The party was scheduled to begin in the evening and we knew that we needed to have lighting. You shouldn’t be letting your guests wander around in darkness, literally! Therefore, Alatheia put her money into battery-powered string lights as well as battery-operated candles. They are ideal to keep warm in the cold sea breezes and to create a beautiful ambience.

Another option is to invest in rental. We wanted this event to use a low-to-the-ground table that most people do not have in their house inventory. I contacted my friends from Adore Folklore and they had all my requirements met with a variety of beautiful rentals. The use of a specialist rental company is more expensive than that of a standard rental firm but is worth it. The pieces they provide are distinct and distinctive, creating the perfect atmosphere you want.

7. Make sure that your guests are comfortable

Whatever location you choose to hold your event, whether at the beach or in the park, or in your home, your guests have to be the first ones in. Consider them in your mind and making sure they’re comfortable should be the first thing you think about. Because this event was outside, we ensured that we had blankets in case it became too cold.

We also wanted to mimic the appearance of a low table, but we did not want our guests to suffer the consequences of it. We made sure that we had a variety of poufs and pillows for them to use as seating. It is possible to use beautiful pillows or blankets that you have in your home, but we purchased one through Boho Pillow and The Little Market.