4 bizarre Misconceptions about custom MMA gloves 

Custom MMA gloves are powerless! You must have heard this myth or many like this previously. However, not every rumor or misconception you hear or see is true.

We are here to clear the air for you. Customized MMA gloves have become a trend among MMA players, but is it worth buying one? It’s time to jot down all your concerns about MMA gloves and cross-check them.

 There can be many reasons why you choose to wear boxing gloves in every game format. However, bulky boxing gloves are not an ideal pick for every form.

The following article will address the most popular myths about personalized MMA gloves and how they’re a better choice for MMA.

Most notable myths about custom MMA gloves

Popularity brings misconceptions along with it. You can never have a better understanding of customized MMA gloves. Since UFC has made MMA gloves mandatory, we have seen an upgradation in MMA gloves. 

The styling of these personalized MMA gloves is specifically structured per the challenging format of MMA. Energetic sports require robust and dynamic gloves, and customized MMA gloves surely fulfill the criteria.

You can never ask for a better pair of gloves than this. Nevertheless, there can be reasons why you can be hesitant to purchase it

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Let’s quickly overview the most anticipated misconceptions about MMA gloves.

  1. Vulnerable

At first glance, personalized MMA gloves might appear thinner and less protected gear. You might consider a boxing glove a more desirable option for a brutal sport like MMA.

However, the truth behind the thin layer of protection can be astonishing to you. The idea behind keeping it lightly padded is to make it more strong. These less-padded gloves are perfect for making quick moves during intense contests at MMA.

Also, they are well equipped to keep you safe and sound during the contest. Foam padding secures your hand efficiently without making them heavy. You can feel super light while wearing a customized MMA glove. 

2. Minimize power range

Less padding means less power, whereas more padding means high-powered. You must have heard it multiple times, but a less padded personalized MMA glove has proven it wrong. 

These leather gloves are claimed to increase the punching power to 4x more. Insane, isn’t it? An evenly distributed foam padding helps to absorb impact and empowers you to deliver powerful punches to opponents.

Also, the density of foam padding can be maximized or minimized as per preference. Its power ranges from 4ox to 7oz. However, exceptional cases like sparring MMA gloves that come with 16oz padding are for professionals.

3. Extravagant 

Customized products are known to be more costly than non-custom ones. It can be true to some extent regarding customized MMA gloves. If you’re opting for cowhide leather gloves with customization, they might be more expensive than synthetic ones.

 Moreover, you can secure it for years without wear and tear issues. However, you can always have an affordable option with synthetic leather gloves. 

4. Trendsetter

Customized MMA gloves are perceived as a cliche by many. You might think of it as a waste of money or unnecessary. However, MMA itself is a brand. 

Stepping in the ring with your own identity shows the proactiveness and passion of MMA players. Therefore, having personalized MMA gloves will only convey that you’re here to win and compete. 

Also, there is no that you have to go overboard to create a trademark. It can be done while staying on a budget. To personalize it, you can opt for premium quality gloves with a dash of color pop.

Also, you can wear different foam-density gloves to intensify your game. Custom MMA gloves are a need of time. You can not play a brutal sport like MMA unprepared.\

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Sum up

The misconceptions mentioned above can be a few, but it will help you find your answers. There is nothing wrong with having a custom MMA glove. You are not exposing yourself to injuries but only safeguarding from them.

Furthermore, these mighty gloves can be worn not inside the ring only but also at training sessions. You can explore different categories of personalized MMA gloves to choose yours. But be wise enough to opt for a renowned leather gloves store.

Cost-effective online store for customized MMA gloves

Last but not least, the most crucial part is to purchase authentic custom MMA gloves online. You might consider it expensive, but many stores sell fine-quality customized MMA gloves at affordable prices.

One such store is Infinitude Fight. They have an extensive range of MMA gloves catering to every budget size. You can have high-quality leather gloves with various customization services. 

They offer logo printing, quotes, or headline printing services. Custom-made size and padding density come in as the cherry on the cake. You can create your brand at MMA without spending much on it.

Create your design and buy one of their best-seller leather gloves.

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