How to do kingdom valley file verification online?


If you’re planning to invest in real estate in Islamabad, Pakistan, one of the popular options is Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Fortunately, you can do Kingdom Valley Islamabad file verification online without visiting the office physically. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of verifying the property files online.

Why Is File Verification Important for Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Before we delve into the process of file verification, let’s discuss why it’s crucial for Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Ensures Legal Authenticity 

File verification ensures that the property documents are legally authentic and not fake or counterfeit. It also helps to prevent fraud and scams. Therefore, there are not any kind of future inconveniences. That is precisely what all investors look for before investing in their desired property.

Checks Ownership

The file verification process also verifies the ownership of the property. It ensures that the seller has the legal right to sell the property and there are no disputes over ownership. Even, in future, he will be able to sell the property to any other individual without seeking any third person’s consent or going into legality measures. 

Confirms NOC Status

NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required for any real estate project in Pakistan. File verification confirms the NOC status of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and ensures that it’s a legally approved project. Moreover, the aspect of NOC is exceedingly important as it not only ensures the legal status of the society but even helps the real estate industry at large too.

How Can I Online Check a Kingdom Valley Islamabad File?

Now, let’s get to the actual process of Kingdom Valley file verification. You can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Website

To begin the verification process, visit the Kingdom Valley Islamabad website at Kingdom Valley.

Step 2: Click on “File Verification” Tab

Once you’re on the website’s home page, click on the “File Verification” tab on the top right corner of the page. 

Step 3: Enter File Number

Next, you need to enter the file number of the property you want to verify. You can find the file number on the top right corner of your property documents.

Step 4: Enter CNIC Number

After entering the file number, you need to enter the CNIC number of the property owner. It ensures that only the legal owner can verify the file. 

Step 5: Click on “Verify” Button

Once you’ve entered the file number and CNIC number, click on the “Verify” button. The website will show the property’s specifics, such as ownership, NOC status, and legal validity. 

Tips for Smooth Kingdom Valley Islamabad File Verification

While the process of file verification is straightforward, here are some tips that can help you smooth the process;

  • Ensure that you enter the correct file number and CNIC number to avoid any errors.
  • If you face any issues while verifying the file online, you can contact the Kingdom Valley Islamabad customer support team for assistance.
  • Keep a record of the verification process and the details of the property for future reference.


Investing in real estate is a significant financial decision, and file verification is a crucial step to ensure that you invest in a legally authentic and safe property. With Kingdom Valley Islamabad file verification online, you can easily verify the property documents from the comfort of your home. The developers have given even given multiple modes of verification to cater to all kinds of audiences, consumers and investors. Online and manual modes being the top most opted ways. Anyhow, by following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can verify the Kingdom Valley Islamabad file online without any hassle. For further information, updates, queries and even booking, Estate Land Marketing is always here to assist.

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