Portiva.com Delivers Virtual Assistant Healthcare Solutions for Medical Professionals 

Healthcare Solutions for Medical Professionals

Portiva.com is a virtual assistant healthcare solutions company that offers medical professionals a wide range of services. From the virtual receptionist and appointment setting services to medical transcription and billing, Portiva has you covered. Their virtual assistants are highly skilled and experienced in the medical field, so you can have faith that your patients are … Read more

Music And Intelligence Of The Child


Listening to Mozart music helps to improve the child’s intelligence during fetal development. This exciting discovery, however, has not been confirmed, and the “Mozart effect”, according to EKmixmaster, has become one of the greatest scientific misconceptions of our time. And yet, the question of whether the child’s intelligence is connected with music still worries scientists. … Read more

Coolest ways to accessorize your lederhosen men this Oktoberfest

lederhosen men

The lederhosen men sometimes might not feel enough to bring out the best in you at Oktoberfest. Accessorizing the whole outfit can make you look exceptionally good and help you steal the spotlight during the festive season.  There are so many different ways to amp up your lederhosen game without even trying too hard and … Read more

Myths About HVAC in London Ohio Debunked by Companies


Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first HVAC unit in 1902. He used his engineering skills to experiment with humidity control law to solve the heating problem in a printing press. Since the beginning, the HVAC system has had complex parts that must be understood correctly. Some individuals have taken advantage of this complexity and spread … Read more

10 Warning Signs For Bad Business Lists


Like most business owners, you are always looking for ways to increase sales and grow your company. One of the best ways to do this is by marketing to potential customers through lists whether it be business lists for sale or Telemarketing lists. However, not all lists are created equal. Some lists can hurt your … Read more