What are the Safest Neighbourhoods in Brooklyn in 2022?

When looking for Brooklyn apartments for rent, there are several important factors that you need to consider besides monthly rental prices, amenities, nearby establishments, security and more. Many renters prefer relocating to Brooklyn for affordable rent as opposed to other parts of the town. There are many neighbourhoods in Brooklyn that are safe and secure and you should plan to move to them in 2022. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the safest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn that you can think of shifting. 

A-List of the Safest Neighbourhoods in Brooklyn in 2022

Do you plan to find apartments in Brooklyn? We have listed below a few safest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn that you should relocate to:

  • Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is considered one of the welcoming and safest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. It is located beside Upper Bay and has well-connected streets that are well lit and have easily accessible transportation. This precinct has a friendly and close-knit community where your neighbours will love to connect with you. Enjoy the warm and welcoming suburban surroundings of Bay Ridge. This neighbourhood is ideal if you plan to shift with your family, friends or alone. Bay Ridge has reported minimal crimes and is one of the safest areas to shift to.

  • Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is a packed community that has a distinctly relaxing and warm vibe. It is a scenic and quaint area that has elements of historic buildings. It has more than just aesthetic apartments as it is culturally rich and diverse. This area never fails to impress as it has got something for every tenant. 

This is a safe and secure neighbourhood of Brookly and one of the first areas in the USA. The crime rates are quite low and there is no reason for you not to feel safe over here. This precinct is comprehended for the historic architecture discovered all over the neighbourhood. It has plenty of art galleries and churches. It is incredibly popular with youthful artists who are planning to relocate and are looking for affordable apartments with amenities. Those tenants who want to enjoy their nightlife, will not get disappointed.  


Like any other precinct in Brooklyn, Dumbo is one of the safest neighbourhoods where you can plan to relocate. If you are looking for a quaint and peaceful neighbourhood, then this is the right choice for you. This area is becoming quite popular and home to many tech companies that are driving many tenants with better job prospects to this area. Over the years, security and safety have improved and you will not get disappointed if you choose this area. 

Besides entrepreneurs and professionals, many young artists are planning to move here. Many music festivals and events are organised in this town regularly. The economic boom and attractive apartments are making Dumbo one of the popular areas of Brooklyn. This place has plenty of restaurants that offer delectable cuisines and bars to let you unwind your day.  

  • Prospect Heights

For students, singles and young professionals, Prospect Heights is an ideal choice because it facilitates one of the most affordable rental apartments in Brooklyn. What’s more, it provides one of the lowest crime rates in Brooklyn and a safe place to shift. 

Besides affordable apartments, you will also find reasonable establishments, from bars, restaurants and coffee cafes to local boutiques. This neighbourhood is right next to the popular Park Slope, one can smoothly commute to Park Slope to relish the more urban surroundings. Prospect Heights is a safe neighbourhood, where you will not feel left out as it has a warm community. 

  • Park Slope

Park Slope is known for its safety and well-knit community and that’s why it is one of the popular choices among renters. Pedestrian-friendly streets, a welcoming community, and well-kept apartments are some of the important factors that drive many tenants to relocate to this precinct. This area has a laid-back ambience that is ideal for young professionals, students and families.

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The crime rates are quite low in this area and a perfect choice to shift. One of the best things about this neighbourhood is that it has git everything for everyone. You will never get bored in this area as many events are organised here throughout the year. It also has many phenomenal outdoor areas such as Prospect Park Zoo, WashingtonPark and Prospect Park.

Selecting a safe and the best neighbourhood in Brooklyn in terms of amenities, security and safety might seem like a challenging and time-consuming task, but with some precautions and research, there is no ground for you not to get an apartment where you can shift and feel safe. We hope we have helped you in narrowing down a precinct where you can move to and find your dream apartment to rent.