Understanding IFVOD and Its Benefits for Content Creators

In recent years, IFVOD has emerged as a popular distribution model for digital content creators. In this article, we will explore what IFVOD is, how it works, and its benefits for content creators.

What is IFVOD?

IFVOD, or In-Flight Video On Demand, is a digital content distribution model that allows users to access video content on flights. It enables airlines to provide a curated selection of movies, TV shows, and other video content to passengers during their flight. IFVOD can be accessed through seatback screens or personal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How Does IFVOD Work?

IFVOD works by providing a selection of digital video content to airlines for in-flight entertainment. Content creators and distributors can work with airlines to license their content for IFVOD. Passengers can then access this content through the seatback screens or by downloading an app to their personal device.

Benefits of IFVOD for Content Creators

IFVOD offers several benefits for content creators:

1. Increased Exposure

IFVOD provides content creators with a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience of travelers. By licensing their content for IFVOD, creators can increase their exposure and reach a wider audience.

2. Additional Revenue Streams

IFVOD can provide content creators with an additional revenue stream. By licensing their content for IFVOD, creators can earn revenue from airlines and other distributors.

3. Enhanced User Experience

IFVOD can provide content creators with an opportunity to enhance the user experience. By providing a curated selection of video content, creators can ensure that their content is presented in the best possible way to viewers.

4. Data Insights

IFVOD can provide content creators with valuable data insights. By tracking viewer engagement and behavior, creators can gain insights into what content is resonating with viewers and how they can improve their content in the future.


IFVOD is a digital content distribution model that is gaining popularity among content creators. By licensing their content for IFVOD, creators can increase their exposure, earn additional revenue, enhance the user experience, and gain valuable data insights. As airlines continue to invest in IFVOD, it presents an exciting opportunity for content creators to reach a wider audience and grow their brand.


1. Can any content be licensed for IFVOD?

Not all content is suitable for IFVOD. Airlines have strict content guidelines and restrictions, so it’s important for content creators to ensure that their content meets these guidelines before licensing it for IFVOD.

2. How do content creators earn revenue from IFVOD?

Content creators can earn revenue from IFVOD by licensing their content to airlines and other distributors. The amount of revenue earned depends on the terms of the licensing agreement.

3. Is IFVOD only available on certain airlines?

Yes, IFVOD is only available on airlines that have invested in the technology and infrastructure to support it. However, as more airlines adopt IFVOD, it is becoming more widely available.

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