The best social platform to be using for my company?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question. The ideal platform is based on your goals, as well as the products and services your company offers. Also, you must consider the audience you wish to present your business to and how the platform works and the best way to be employed.

Marketing on social media can take lots of time and effort, based on the platform used and the level of engagement. The various social media platforms can be designed to provide excellent content or events, functions or even groups of users. Deciding which of them is best for you will require an understanding of these platforms.

We will discuss the best social media platforms for businesses to help you determine the one that best suits your needs as a business.

The best social media platforms to promote your company

If someone mentions”social media,” Facebook will be the most common first choice. That’s because, with nearly 2.5 billion active monthly members, Facebook is the most frequently used social network. With its large user base and the demographics of its users, almost everyone can reach their users on the platform. If your goal for your business is the promotion of your brand or lead generation, online conversions, or traffic to your website, Facebook, when used correctly, will be a significant factor in getting your objectives met.

You’ll need to advertise your page on Facebook advertising and fantastic content. The advertising feature on Facebook is among the easiest to use, and the majority of businesses get a great return from investing in Facebook advertisements.

On Facebook, you are able to focus your efforts on various demographics, such as age, gender job, interests, and many more. You can choose your specific target audience and place your advertisements with calls to action on their newsfeeds, which they already browse.

You can increase awareness for the Facebook pages without paying for advertisements, however it can take a long time and requires lots of effort and time which could be better utilized elsewhere. There are many promotions that will be adapted to any budget according to your goals and the amount of reach you’d like to achieve advertising at a cost of just $1 per day for you’d like for how many days. A word of caution: using a budget that is low and seeking to connect with a huge public will not yield similar results to an affordable budget that reaches an appropriate large audience.

Woman taking a look at Instagram via phone

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users each month and half of them are less than 34 years old. age. It is important to remember that Instagram is controlled by Facebook and is able to access the same large users in addition to an advertising system. It is possible to place ads that run across the two platforms Facebook and Instagram to get a greater reach.

Instagram comes with its own natural benefits, features you can use or get results without spending money for it. It is possible to increase your followers and organically, this can boost the popularity of your posts and also your profile. This makes Instagram an excellent choice for companies with or without the funds to spend on advertising.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and due to Instagram being a platform for visuals and a visual platform, your content in pictures or videos will leave an unforgettable impression. It is still possible to add the text, but without a picture or video. This is a huge advantage!


If your company is in an industry that is creative (i.e. jewelry, home design, clothing, etc.) or caters to ladies, Pinterest is a great social media platform. With its focus on visuals it is a great platform for showcasing products or creating creative content.

Pinterest has more than 300 million active monthly users, with 41% of them earning earnings of more than $75K. 77% of Pinterest users have said they’ve purchased something as a result of Pinterest.

Designs for bathrooms and kitchens Recipes, inspiration for events and lifestyle articles on how-to are among the most popular topics on Pinterest. If your business is any of these categories you must be using Pinterest as one of your social media platforms.

Pinterest is a natural platform with some features that other platforms do not. Keywords are a strategy to use for advertising on Pinterest. Organic reach is determined by the quantity of keywords included in an article that match the content that users are searching on Pinterest. It is possible to plan your content to include keywords that are searched for often without requiring a budget for marketing.


Snapchat is among the fastest-growing social media platforms. Its app lets users send videos or photos (called snapchat) either to a different Snapchat user, or even to their Snapchat Story.

A Snapchat message sent to a user can only be seen one time, while the Snapchat on a story can be accessible until 24 hours.

There are more than 200 million active users on Snapchat daily and 71% of them are younger than 34 years old. 69% of those aged 13-17 years olds and 62% of those aged 18-29 are using Snapchat. If you are targeting young people Snapchat could be an ideal option for your company.


Many people have had a glimpse of YouTube and probably have seen a lot of videos on this platform. YouTube is widely used by almost all US adults, placing ahead of Facebook. In the US 73% of people utilize the video streaming platform and as the amount of the amount of video content is growing and establishing your YouTube presence is important as is every other social network.

YouTube like all social media platforms, is built on images, however Google is the owner of YouTube that gives users the ability to use Google’s advertising system. You can utilize this feature in your favor when you run YouTube advertisements.

Similar to Google you should also make sure to title your videos with the appropriate keywords. Increase your rankings on search engines by including search terms in your video’s title, description, and list of keywords from the Keyword Tool.

Woman scrolling through twitter on phone Twitter

Twitter is not used by many people. Twitter in the US among US adults is lower than with other networks. Twitter is used to provide the latest news, timely information, as well as customer support.

You can upload photos or videos using a character-limited copy However, it is most well-known for its live feed, which is a stream of real-time updates, or live-tweeting. Live-tweeting occurs when someone tweets an array of tweets while an event or another activity is taking place.

Twitter as well as Instagram utilizes hashtags, and you can search for hashtags and discover posts from prospective customers as well as other companies that have utilized the hashtag. It’s possible to locate customers who are searching and talking about the services your company provides and the reverse is also true.

For instance, if you run an establishment that is specialized in BBQ ribs, then you may discover people who tweet about how they are craving ribs based on the way they’ve used hashtags within their tweets. They can also tweet with a special discount or deal for a rib dinner and you’ll likely gain a new client.

Businessman checking LinkedIn on the phone LinkedIn

If you are a business that targets prospective customers based on the title of their job or B2B models LinkedIn is a platform that you should think about. It’s an effective instrument for targeting this particular niche, LinkedIn demographics favor those with professional backgrounds.

LinkedIn is regarded as to be a social media platform designed specifically for businesses. It has the 303 million monthly active users with 49% of them having earnings over $75K. LinkedIn provides you with more jobs to be targeted over other platforms. This is crucial if your business relies on targeting specific industries or job.

TikTok is an app that lets users can create a 15-second video clip and then share it with others. There have been videos that have been viewed millions of times. Similar to the blue spaghetti. The clip depicted the boiling of spaghetti noodles in blue water, and then the end product – blue noodles. The video garnered over one million views in just 24 hours.

TikTok isn’t equipped with an option to promote at present, so the only method is by using influencers, people who have large followers. With your own original video clips, you can put your company in front of the difficult to find Gen Z.


Many people don’t think of Yelp as a social media, however it does play a significant role in managing your brand’s image.

Yelp boasts more than 175 million monthly users. they are seeking reviews on companies they’re considering conducting business. They’re looking for positive reviews, and if it was a negative review, what was the response of the company to the review.

You should make use of Yelp to maintain your image by encouraging positive reviews and responding effectively to negative reviews. You’re looking to establish confidence with potential customers One of the most effective methods is through testimonials. If you are the victim of a negative review, don’t ignore it. Address the issue professionally and swiftly. If you think that the review was unfair or unfair, the best way to respond is to acknowledge the reviewer’s negative experience, apologize and ask for a opportunity to gain their confidence. If you believe the negative review was justified, then simply rectify the situation and address the review with apologies and a plan of action.

In Conclusion

Social media can allow you to connect with your customers and expand your business. It can be used to learn what people have to say about your business as well as for promotional giveaways.

Social media can be utilized to enhance your brand image and extend your reach to the market in the event that you have a clearly defined strategy for marketing and social media. It also helps you attract customers, gather feedback from your customers and develop the loyalty of your customers.

The drawbacks of social media is that you may require extra resources for managing your social media presence. Additionally, you could be exposed to negative feedback, which will have to be taken care of.

No matter the risk taking on social media, having a strategy and planning your policies and procedures in advance will help you to manage these risks and reap the benefits.