Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas and serves the communities of Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North, Spring, and Montgomery. With 44 elementary, middle, and high schools it offers educational services to over 18,000 students annually.

CISD is widely known for consistently surpassing state averages on standardized test scores and teaching students to be independent.


Conroe ISD is an academically competitive school district. Its schools regularly rank within the top 10% of Texas public schools for both math and reading proficiency, with a large percentage of their students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunches.

Conroe ISD SSO offers numerous programs tailored to its student body’s specific needs. These programs include Bilingual/ESL and GT/Advanced Academic programs; Bilingual/ESL is used to instruct English Language Learners in both languages simultaneously while the latter places exceptional leaders with leadership, critical thinking, intellectual, and creative abilities into classes which challenge them further.

Conroe ISD offers its teachers numerous professional development programs to give them the skills and tools needed for effective instruction. Furthermore, Conroe provides technological resources – including high speed Internet access, curriculum-based software applications and wireless laptops and tablets – which enhance the learning experience for its teachers and their students.


Conroe ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability when providing educational programs and activities or employment matters. For more information please review District policy or access Rank One to complete all on-line forms by inputting their 6 digit student ID number.

Conroe Independent School District was created by the Commissioners Court of Montgomery County, Texas on July 12, 1892 by consolidating twelve Common School Districts that encompass Conroe; today its 25 square miles span cover one male and three female graduates each year. Travis Intermediate School is its oldest building having once served as Crockett High School before its renaming to Travis Intermediate.

Fine Arts

ARTAVIA is an upscale master-planned community located within the highly desirable Conroe Independent School District. As part of this partnership, they support Caney Creek High School, Moorhead Junior High and San Jacinto Elementary schools.

A revised library book policy gives trustees more power in selecting which books should be added or removed, which means it may take time before we see any significant shifts to our shelves. A reconsideration committee reviews any requests for removal, while only one trustee can overrule their decision.

The Dance Program will encourage students to take responsibility and ownership for their education and develop lifelong learning skills while upholding ethical standards. Furthermore, this program promotes healthy lifestyles and fosters community involvement. Likewise, Visual Arts Department prides itself on student involvement by regularly displaying student artwork around campus as well as competing and exhibiting in local, state, and national competitions and expositions.


Conroe ISD has made it their top priority to ensure students have all of the resources necessary for success in the classroom, including providing teachers with professional development funds and teaching them how to leverage technology for increased engagement in class.

District 171 provides programs such as the Bilingual/EL Program to aid English Language Learners improve their language abilities, as well as GT/Advanced Academic classes that enable gifted and talented students to reach their full potential.

District officials have set aside $3 Million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds in preparation of moving the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness testing online, using technology more as an aid than an end product. Hedith Upshaw, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning stated this intent when speaking about how technology will be utilized within their district.