Pro Tips: Upgrade Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay

Mobile gaming has not only become a major part of the marketplace in the last few years. It’s now the market. Marvel, the comics-and-movies giant with a huge collection of characters that are world-renowned, including Captain America, Spiderman, and Hulk is also all-in on this new trend by launching their free-to-play mobile ARPGcalled Marvel Future Revolution. This guide contains eight top suggestions to immediately improve your gameplay in the Marvel Future Revolution.

Tips to Improve Your Experience with Marvel Future Revolution

The game was released in August 2021 and received positive reviews from critics. It was also loved by its players around the globe. It let players control the iconic characters from MARVEL Future Revolution’s roster including Captain America, Doctor Strange Spider-Man, among others. Furthermore, all of these characters had their own unique abilities and their own unique gameplay.

While that’s very much positive, it is also a sign that the game could become confusing for beginners as well as the different learning curves for the game and its individual characters.

Choose A Main Character

Choosing an excellent main character that is suited to the game of your choice is essential. You could pick a tough fighter or one that can be more effective when working in a group. They’ll be the ones you rely on to build your party.

No matter what you pick regardless of what you choose, it’s recommended to stick with your primary character until they’re exhausted. There are plenty of equipment and bonus items to your primary character which can make them extremely valuable and that’s why it’s important to have them in your party. It is also important that you are logged in regularly to MARVEL Future Revolution with them and receive those exciting bonus items for your character.

Learn to Fly and Dodging

Unlike many mobile games that begin with cute characters, the initial heroes in Marvel Future Revolution are fragile. This makes early levels quite easy and also means that players who are new do not learn one of the most important moves: the dodge function.

We’re here to inform you that it is a mistake.

Your characters’ damage to the progress of missions in MARVEL Future Revolution is exponentially greater If you are standing on the ground, sustaining damage your mission is ended. Utilize the dodge button as quickly as possible to be able to beat more powerful enemies.

Modify your settings

One of the best things about Marvel Future Revolution is its customizability. You can adjust everything including the shake of your screen and frame rate. You’re now expecting us to tell you which we think is the best combination of settings.

Beep beep! It’s not true! We don’t endorse a single option, however, we do suggest you play around. There’s plenty of time in the world to figure out your preferences and so experiment with different settings to find out the best settings to your preferred style of marvel gameplay.

We’ll tell you, though, that shaking your screen is something you must take a look at particularly if you’re playing fast-moving characters such as Spiderman.

Don’t Forget to Equip Your Gear

Like most open-world RPGs, MARVEL Future Revolution comes with the unique feature of being chock full of different kinds of loot such as Armor or suits, as well as items for wear. Just a few hours of playing starts earning the player enough gear to completely fill your inventory!

Here’s a tip for beginners Make sure you have the top equipment, along with any loot. Most of the time, the stat bonuses are pretty significant, so just one piece of gear could make a lot of difference early on.

Don’t try to dismantle your gear

We’ve already talked about how you can earn tons of loot in the future of MARVEL, right? If you’re a regular player you will see your inventory quickly overflow with items that you don’t want. Are you aware of the desire to sell everything you don’t want in the present moment?

Ignore it. Like, please.

One of the top ways to get fit in the game is to keep the equipment you get. It’s simple to understand why: Marvel’s future revolution gameplay allows you to share your gear with your fellow heroes, providing them with the boost of power they require.

Also, God, whatever you do, don’t make a profit your costumes from your region. Your amazing futuristic revolution game will make them even more important.

As soon as possible as possible, join or create an alliance as soon as you can.

If you’ve played an MMO or online RPG, we’re not required to tell you how beneficial playing in an alliance or clan could be compared to solo. You can chat with people or play with, them while also having access to in-game knowledge and tips you may not have discovered prior to. In MARVEL Future Revolution you can join or form an alliance after you have completed an epic mission titled ‘2 – 12 Assemble’.

After you have mastered the fundamentals of the game’s marvel future revolution gameplay, we recommend that you join an alliance. One of the better benefits of being in an alliance, in fact, is that here you net rare rewards by playing the game in one!

You must review the Activity Log Rewards often

You can locate your Activity Log in-game under the Records tab. You can gradually do tasks in a passive manner while playing with different heroes or characters. There are many tasks to finish. There is no guarantee of the rewards that you get from these missions.

Frequently checking your Activity Log is an excellent plan to check it every few days, since you’ll usually rank up tons of rewards without even knowing about them! This is particularly beneficial for those who are just beginning with the game, since there are a lot of tasks and objectives that are passively centered towards the beginning of the game, and they will help you greatly with the various aspects of marvel’s future revolution gameplay.

Take them off and save Space

Did you remember how we said that the inventory of the MARVEL Future Revolution would fill up fast? One of the worst reasons for this will be the badges you earn while playing, which can easily cause a lot of congested play in a game you’re familiar with. You can reduce the space you have by removing all Star 1 and 2 badges you collect while playing, as they’re not required.

You can also make use of Squad Storage to exchange badges and resources between various heroes if you wish. Explore your Marvel Future revolution gameplay and do whatever you like!


This concludes our list of tips and tricks for Marvel’s mobile game MARVEL Future Revolution. You must remember that if you’re looking to really learn the game, the best way to achieve this is to play the game. Get out there and begin putting in the work!