Choose The Best Word to PDF Converters

We will focus on making Word to PDF conversion much easier for you. We will show you the top-rated Word to PDF converters you can use. However, before showing you the paid and free Word to PDF convertidor you can use, let’s see why people convert Word to PDF.

1. The PDF is More Mobile-Device-Friendly

A lot of people are relying on their tablets and smartphones to accomplish most tasks, including reading documents. Compared to the Word documents, PDF documents are more accessible on mobile devices – all you will need in order to view the PDF files is a PDF viewer.

If you are using an Android device, it is possible to download a free PDF viewer on Google Play Store. If you are using an iOS device, you can get a free Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer ideal for your device on the App Store.

2. Numerous Word Processors Exist

Contrary to what some Microsoft Word users think, more than 1 Word processor exists. This means that you could be communicating with people who have a different processor installed on their computer. Varying Word processors will handle the same Word document differently – some of the processors won’t display the word document in a good way.

The PDF format, on the other hand, is a more universal document format which can be accessed in a similar way via a wide range of software.  This tells you that simply converting a Word document to PDF makes it more accessible to a wide range of readers – all these readers, irrespective of the software they decide to use will see the document in the exact same way.

3. Multiple Versions of Microsoft Word Are Available

Older versions of the Microsoft Word software are incapable of opening Word documents created using newer versions correctly. To give you an example, text created using Microsoft Word 2010 software will lack spaces if you open it in older versions of Microsoft Word.

PDF documents will open in a similar manner irrespective of the PDF reader you decide to use. The Portable Document Format files maintain their format across all readers. 

4. References Often Become Mismatched

If you open a Word document on a different computer, maybe using a different version of the Word Software, your table of contents will end up becoming a mess. The page numbers may end up changing. This can be a nuisance for the report and eBook writers.

Using a Word to PDF converter will help you avoid dealing with messy page numbers and table of contents on your document. PDF documents will open in a similar manner on all computers with the table of contents intact.

5. Word Documents Do Not Retain Their Formatting

When opened on a different computer, the Word documents get reformatted. This means that the format you had spent your time perfecting will get lost.

By simply using a good Word to PDF converter, you should be able to retain the formatting. PDF documents will never reformat irrespective of the software used to open them.