How To Fix Phone Speakers By Cell Phone Repair Store 

What’s the use of a phone if its speakers are not working? Non-responsive speakers can negatively impact all the activities of your smartphone. You cannot hear the music, you cannot listen to calls, and you don’t hear any notifications of messages or calls. For almost every activity, your smartphone uses its speaker, and that is why it can get damaged and wear out with time. The speakers of our phones are exposed to everything, the environment, pollution and edible items. Although your smartphone can endure many things, the speakers are sensitive and cannot always protect themselves against the small particles of dust that can muffle the sound. However, there is no need to worry because Tech Base, a cell phone repair store in Llandudno, provides you with certain ways to fix your mobile phone speakers. Let’s get to know about the solutions for improving speakers.

  1. Disable Do-Not-Disturb Mode

Sometimes, people accidentally enable the do-not-disturb mode on their phones and forget. When this mode is enabled, it blocks the notifications on your smartphone. You won’t hear any sound from the speaker when this mode is enabled. In short, you wouldn’t be able to listen or hear anything from your phone. So before reaching any conclusion, check if this mode is enabled; if it is, disable it so your speakers can come back to life. To disable this feature, go to settings, sound and vibrations and then find this feature to toggle it off. After doing this, try playing any music or sound from your smartphone to see if it has solved the problem. 

  1. See if the Bluetooth is connected.

Another reason you might face this is that your cell phone might be connected to Bluetooth. Before panicking, check if your smartphone is not connected to Bluetooth, headphones or AirPods. If they are, unpair them and turn off your Bluetooth to solve the problem. The mobile repair shop says that when any device is connected to your mobile phone, it sends the signals directly to that device instead of sending them to your smartphone’s speakers. To turn it off, go to settings, Bluetooth, and look for the device connected to your phone. When to find it, turn it off for good. 

  1. Remove Dust and Debris

You should keep your smartphone’s speakers in good condition by regularly cleaning them if you want them to function correctly. With time, dust particles and debris can get stuck into the speakers, and it is not easy to get them out since speakers are the sensitive part of your phone. It influences the quality of the sound and muffles it. Dead skin cells, dust, pocket lint and much more things can get inside the speakers. Ensure that you keep your speakers clean daily so that no sticky particle gets stuck in them. If it does, no matter what you use to clean them, either compressed air, dryer or any chemical, it will further damage them instead of fixing the issue. Try contacting cell phone repair experts in Llandudno if you live nearby to get them fixed. 

  1. Restart the Device

One of the simplest and most used methods is restarting and rebooting your smartphone if it faces any issues, including speaker problems. Some apps and other processing issues are probably messing with your phone speakers. You can fix them by turning your device off and back on. Restarting is the easiest way and causes no harm to your device. You can reboot the device by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button and volume button if you are using an iPhone. But if you are an android user, simply press the power button to reboot. 

  1. Liquid Damage

Cell phone repair store in Llandudno prohibits you from eating food or water near your device. Liquid damage is one of the most common problems with speakers. If you have spilled water or juice on your smartphone or dropped it in water, you might save your phone, but the speakers will not. You will have to get them repaired or replaced if the sound is not functioning properly. Sometimes people spill coffee and tea on their speakers that get stuck with the mesh covering your speakers. You must get the film cleaned instantly if you hear a distorted sound. 

  1. Software Problems

If your phone’s software is not working or has become outdated, your phone will not send signals to the speaker. But the good news is that you get the software update now and then, so you should download those updates and install them to prevent this problem.


When your speaker is broken, the distorted and muffled sound makes it impossible to hear anything, but you don’t have to get upset about the malfunctioned speakers. Bring your phone to a cell phone repair store in Llandudno so that they can help you with any speaker, laptop, cell phone battery, and screen-related problems. 
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