A complete guide to locket necklaces

When you talk about customized jewellery, a locket necklace is one amongst the fashionable personal trends that people will never want to miss out on. Although they exist for several years now, traditional locket necklaces are still stylish pieces. It helps preserve your memory and keep it close to your heart. 

What does a locket necklace represent?

A locket necklace is nothing but a chain necklace that has a pendant to store things such as photos or something precious. It is a type of jewellery with special value to wearers. It symbolizes precious memory or something private or cherished that you wish to keep in your life. You can keep an image inside the locket to commit to memory a special event or a person. Some of these necklaces will have an engraving facility wherein you can add a message and customize it. It contains various meanings depending on the type of locket. For example, couples purchase a locket necklace that has a heart shape to gift it to their loved ones and state their passionate love to the recipient. Lockets are ideal sentimental gifts for several occasions such as the like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and so on.

History of locket necklaces

There is no info on when and where these necklaces were first worn or utilized. But, locket necklaces were believed to be a good luck charm for the wearer as they helped them stay away from the evil, the devil or any disease. Lockets were sported by men and women during the Middle Ages. They kept miniature portraits of their spouses, medicines and perfumes inside these locket necklaces. Today, modern locket designs are still in fashion owing to their special feel and importance to the people who wear them. 

What can you add to your locket necklace?


Regardless of whether it is a picture of your lover, parent, kids, spouse or friends, locket necklaces with photos inside will remind you that they are with you for eternity.

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Sweet letter

You can put down a sentimental and romantic letter in writing, place the note inside your locket, and send it to the recipient. Your partner is sure to be pleased all through the day and will wear your gift everyday.


Several locket necklaces sellers offer free engraving services. You can etch some significant messages on the lockets. For example, you can add important dates, your anniversary, or your birthday on the backside of the lockets. You can even engrave a heart symbol to personalize it.

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How to style them?

Locket necklaces have numerous shapes such as oval, heart, round and square. They come in various colours such as platinum plate, gold plater, sterling silver and rose gold plated. When you opt to buy your favourite shape and type, you can use the following information to style it. 

Wear the locket alone

Wear a picture locket alone to make a style statement. You can also pair it with a white blouse or other outfits to create a look so that your locket looks striking enough to take the center stage. 

Layer with other jewels

You can stack the photo locket with subtle necklaces in a variety of lengths to create a modern and elegant tone. You can wear dainty earrings or a bracelet to brighten the entire look. Just make sure that the jewellery pieces you use go well with your outfit and locket and they help your locket be the statement piece.Online shopping is a convenient way to buy locket necklaces. Regardless of the kind of locket necklaces you favour, you can explore a wide assortment of locket necklaces when you browse this website. You can pair dainty locket necklaces with stylish dress codes such as V-shape shirts, or long dresses, or stack your long or large lockets with informal outfits like jeans and T-shirts.

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