Yoga Pro’s Guide to Bahya Pranayama

Yogic breathing is an important component of every yoga practice. This ancient technique helps you reap the full benefits of every yoga session. Whether you practice Hatha or Vinyasa yoga, deep breathing is important. The Sanskrit term for this yogic technique is Pranayama.

Pranayama helps you understand the importance of proper breathing in daily life. It helps you disconnect from the external world and focus on the internal during yoga practice. A simple 10 minute morning yoga Pranayama practice goes a long way. You should join a certified yoga school to learn this technique.

But, Pranayama has evolved into different techniques. One of these is the Bahya Pranayama.

What is Bahya Pranayama?

Bahya is a Sanskrit term which means “outside” or “external”. It is a deep and powerful yoga Pranayama technique. This practice involves forceful inhalation by completely emptying your lungs. On exhale, you hold your breath for a few seconds and engage the different body locks. The exhalation and outer retention is what makes Bahya Pranayama stand out.

Apart from holding your breath the Bahya Pranayama incorporates 3 yoga bandhas. This increases the efficiency of your lungs. Daily practice of this breathing technique stimulates your abdominal organs and improves the digestion process.

In the long run it also improves your respiratory system and mind-body balance. Bahya Pranayama is also effective at getting rid of thyroid-related problems.

How Can I Do Bahya Pranayama?

Practicing this yogic breathing technique is best done with an empty stomach.

That said, given below are the steps to do this Pranayama technique.

  • Sit in the cross-legged position. Yoga experts recommend you sit in the Sukhasana or Padmasana.
  • Inhale deeply. Exhale. Empty your lungs.
  • Hold your breath out. Pay attention to the three bandhas.
  • Do not pull down your chin if you have a stiff neck. Look straight.
  • Hold your breath for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Release the three locks with deep breathing.
  • Breathe normally for a few seconds. Repeat the process.

Note: With regards to the 3 yoga bandhas, do the following:

  • Contract your anus muscles and pull it upwards – Mula Bandha
  • Lift your abdominal muscles. Contract them inwards – Uddiyana Bandha
  • Bring your chin down to the chest. – Jalandhara Bandha

If you are an advanced yoga practitioner then include Agnisar Kriya with Bahya Pranayama. Maintain a breathing ratio of 1:2:3. If you inhale for 1 second, exhale for 2 seconds, and hold your breath for 3 seconds.

Following the steps mentioned above helps you reap the full benefits of Bahya Pranayama.

Benefits of Bahya Pranayama

Given below are 4 benefits of Bahya Pranayama.

1. Stimulates the Digestive System

Bahya Pranayama includes holding your breath out. This requires you to squeeze the abdomen to the navel level and lock it upwards. Doing this improves the functioning of your digestive system. It also increases the flexibility of your intestines and improves the digestion. In the long run, an improved digestive system means you experience less acidity, constipation, and gastric influx.

2. Helps with Abdominal Issues

Your abdomen contains organs like the stomach, spleen, liver, kidney and uterus. Bahya Pranayama helps promote a fresh supply of blood. This action helps stimulate these organs. It also lets you work on an optimum level. In the long run it helps you prevent hernia and urinary infection.

Join the certified yoga schools in India to learn this deep yogic breathing technique.

3. Improves Respiratory System Health

Breathing techniques always impact the respiratory system. Bahya Pranayama also does the same. This has deep breathing which acts as a cleansing agent for the respiratory gland. Every inhale and exhale helps clean the blockage. The action of complete exhalation clears your lungs. It saves a lot of precious energy from getting wasted away.

4. Helps Activate Kundalini

Bahya Pranayama is a powerful yogic breathing technique which activates the Kundalini energy. Daily practice also helps you develop spiritual and physical powers. Kundalini awakening helps your mind focus on the present moment. Just a simple 10 minute morning yoga Pranayama can does wonders for your mental and spiritual growth.

Pranayama is a deep yogic technique. Daily practice of this yogic breathing technique helps you experience the mental and spiritual benefits of this ancient art.


The daily practice of Bahya Pranayama does more than help you breathe properly. Daily practice of this yogic technique can even help you develop psychic powers.

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