Yoga Alliance Certification: A Quest to Earn Yoga Knowledge

To learn about yoga, you need to join a yoga certification course. Hence, numerous yoga certification programs are there. These cater to the needs of diverse yoga practitioners. However, you need to earn a certification that has a significant role. That is where the Yoga Alliance certification course comes into play.

This article covers topics related to a brief guide to the Yoga Alliance, its numerous certifications, and a practical guide to earn it. So, you should get through the following points to enhance your overall knowledge. Keep reading.

A Brief Guide to Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Alliance is an internationally based non-profit organization. It has online directories that keep a record of yoga schools and teachers.

Further, it sets the standards of yoga teacher training across the globe. Hence, the Yoga Alliance certification is regarded as one of the most important certifications.

Moreover, earning a Yoga Alliance certification qualifies you as a certified yoga instructor. In short, you get access to countless opportunities to grow.

Here is the list of some of the best Yoga Alliance certifications. You can join any one of these to enhance your overall yoga knowledge.

Diverse Yoga Alliance Certifications

200 Hour YTT

To start a yoga journey, you need to join a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. It helps you earn RYT 200 certification. In short, you get through yoga fundamentals that are necessary for your growth.

Moreover, it further helps you to become a registered member of the Yoga Alliance. Hence, you should join this course if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

300 Hour YTT

As an intermediate yoga practitioner, you should choose the right yoga teacher training course. Choosing either a low level or a higher level might halt your progress. Keeping that in mind, you should go ahead with a 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

This helps you earn RYT 300 that makes you a certified yoga teacher. It takes your yoga practice one step by helping you learn advanced yoga practices.

You even become eligible to teach students enrolled in 200 hour YTT courses. Hence, you get a chance to have experience teaching yoga.

500 Hour YTT

Without a doubt, the 500 hour YTT course is for advanced yoga practitioners. With a unique dimension of human life awaiting you, it is a perfect yoga course for you. You further become eligible to set up a yoga school after completing a 500 hour YTT course.

RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certification pushes you beyond human limitations. Hence, it must be your ultimate goal after you are done with 200 and 300 hour YTT courses.

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How to Earn a Yoga Alliance Certification

Enroll in a Yoga School

Your journey begins with enrollment in a yoga school. However, you should ensure that you join only Yoga Alliance registered yoga school only. With that, you can rest assured to have the basic facilities for the best yoga experience.

Choose a Yoga Course

A yoga course is there to assist you to practice with people with your level of fitness or yoga practice. So, choose from 100, 200, 300, or 500 hour yoga teacher training courses. Further, you must ensure that the chosen course is certified with the Yoga Alliance.

Select a Yoga Style

A yoga style helps you move closer to your goal in no time. A few examples of yoga styles are Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, and much more. So, you should choose wisely a yoga style to practice for life. To make it easier, make sure you have a set goal.

Complete the Course

Completion means you keep a check over practical as well as theoretical practices in a YTT course. Always check the minimum requirements to qualify for the Yoga Alliance certification. Failing to do so, you might end up failing the course.

Apply For the Certification

Once you have a yoga teacher training certification in your hand, you are free to apply for the Yoga Alliance certification. For that matter, you can either apply yourself or seek help from your chosen school. Within a few weeks, you will have the certificate in your hand.


While choosing a yoga style, you should first keep your goal in check. After that, also consider its benefits. Hence, check how Ashtanga, Hatha, or Vinyasa yoga benefits you over time. This gives you better clarity and helps you choose the right course and form. With consistency, the Yoga Alliance certification will be in your hand.