What Channel is A&E on Spectrum?

Thanks to modern technology, there is no shortage of entertainment options. People now have access to not only conventional cable TV services to catch their favorite TV shows and movies, but streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and several others are also a click or tap away.

Still, even after the popularity received by streaming platforms, traditional cable TV services are thriving. Offering sensational TV channel lineups with amazing options, such as ABC, CBS, A&E, and countless others, cable TV proves to be the go-to option for millions of people all over the country.

With the abundance of options, accessing your favorite TV network can sometimes become a little difficult. For instance, the A&E network can be accessed via Spectrum bundles, Hulu, Sling TV, DIRECTV, and a few other mediums. But knowing the right channel number for the network can help you locate the network without wasting any time.

Thus, we thought to help you out and guide you where and how you can access the A&E Network on Spectrum, a leading cable TV and fiber internet provider in the United States. But before we do that, let us give you a brief introduction of the network that is A&E.

An Intro to A&E

While some spend their days working out, hanging out with friends or shopping in the mall, there are some who would rather stay in solitude and binge-watch TV shows and movies all day long. And for such people, A&E is the ultimate network.

Established in 1984, the A&E Network was originally known as the Arts & Entertainment Network. However, in 1995, the network was rebranded to A&E to clear the misconception that the channel would be about arts programs.

Moving on, the network shifted its focus to a younger audience with its refined TV programming. Unlike some other TV networks, the A&E network is not primarily focused on fictional series and movies. Instead, the main focus of the network is on reality TV, documentaries, and mini-series.

Currently, the network broadcasts numerous reality TV shows revolving around genres, such as crime, drama, horror, and several others. The network airs various exciting TV shows to cater to their vast audience with popular titles such as Intervention, Wahlburgers, The First 48, and some others.

A&E Network on Spectrum

Spectrum is among the elite cable TV and internet providers in the United States. Their service is accessible to more than 100 million people in 44 states of the country. And their widest coverage is in the states of New York, Texas, and California.

Spectrum TV plans are divided into three sub-categories, namely Select TV, Silver TV, and Gold TV, enabling you to choose just the right plan based on your entertainment needs. While the Select TV plan offers more than 125 vibrant TV channels, the Silver TV and Gold TV plans offer more than 175 and 200 channels, respectively.

Fortunately for you, the A&E Network is accessible via all three Spectrum TV plans, giving you some relief in the decision-making process. The only decision you will have to make is how large of a TV channel lineup do you desire.

What Channel Number is A&E on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV channel lineup varies with location. As a result, pinpointing the channel number for each network is somewhat difficult, unless you are willing to browse through the entire TV channel lineup manually.

However, there are two ways around it – you could enter your address on the official Spectrum channel lineup page and find the channel number unique to your location, or you could turn to the insightful on-screen Spectrum TV guide that expedites the channel-finding process. Either way, you are likely to find your desired channel number almost instantly.

Some Popular Title on the A&E Network

Spectrum TV plans are accessible at highly reasonable rates, Thus, making it very convenient to watch some exciting TV shows without worrying about your monthly budget. The service provider offers a plethora of titles via scheduled programming along with a huge variety accessible in the on-demand library.

Luckily, the A&E network does not require you to pay extra for your favorite TV shows and you may start watching instantly. Just have a look at some of the most prominent TV shows that A&E has had to offer:

The First 48

First up is a reality TV show focused on the crime genre. The First 48 is a thrilling documentary series that takes on a thrilling journey behind the scenes of real-life murder cases. The focus of the episodes is primarily on the first 48 hours of the investigation.

Most cases in the series are seen to be solved in those 48 hours, whereas some take a longer time to solve. And the series usually takes you through the entire timeline of the investigation. The series has had 22 successful seasons so far with more thrill yet to arrive. 


This next documentary series covers the topic of addiction Intervention is a reality TV series that made its debut back in 2005. The series highlight either one or two participants who are victims of substance abuse or addiction whom an intervention is needed and is being organized.

The series covers numerous real-life drug addicts, substance abusers, and alcohol addicts, and further shows how an intervention can be beneficial for them. All the participants are offered to go on all-expense-paid treatments for 90-periods, or they would face loss of income and even their loved ones.

City Confidential

City Confidential is another crime documentary that focuses on murder and attempted murder cases all across the United States. The series further highlights different aspects of the cases, where the officials involved are often seen being subjected to critical complications. And the series not only covers the giant metropolitan cities of the country but even the smallest villages and rural destinations as well.


Moving on to something lighter, Wahlburgers showcases the personal and professional life of Boston celebrity chef Paul Wahlberg, brother of Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg. The series shows people how Paul started on his journey to become a chef and soon started a chain of hamburger restaurants in Greater Boston town, Hingham, Massachusetts. The series has an overall light tone to it where the Wahlbergs are seen running the restaurant.

Ghost Hunters

Finally, a treat for all the horror genre fanatics. Ghost Hunters gives you the spookiest of tours inside the haunted mansions in the United States. The series stars Jason and Grant, who are plumbers during the day but as soon as the day sets, they get into their ghostbuster mode. While they mainly cover the haunted mansions in the United States, several episodes also cover locations in the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

To Put It All Together

We realize that you may need to get your daily dose of entertainment to be fully charged for the next day ahead. Fortunately, cable TV service providers like Spectrum have got you all covered and offer the richest of TV channel lineups with a multitude of addictive content to watch. So, before you join the cord-cutting trend, do check out the Spectrum TV plans at your earliest.

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