Traditional or cultural Pakistani restaurants and dhabas

The notion of themed restaurants is gaining popularity in Pakistan. Restaurants are working hard to establish a specific theme for their restaurant in order to provide food lovers with an all-around experience. See here Overall best desi restaurants in Lahore.

As new eateries and dhabas emerge in Pakistan, they are well worth a visit. Here are a few of the wonderful restaurants in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi that provide authentic Indian cuisine.

Restaurants with Cultural and Traditional Themes in Pakistan

1. Lahore’s Chai Kada

Chai Kada is a fantastic cultural and traditional restaurant in Gulberg, Lahore, with a truck art motif. Truck art has long been a part of Pakistani culture. Chai Kada contains flowery motifs in a variety of hues, as well as birds, exotic animals, and phrases on the wall. It also features images of saints and celebrities that are frequently seen painted on the truck. Chai Kada is Lahore’s pioneer of Dhaba-style chai culture with desi touch. Chai Kada is a terrific destination for tea aficionados because it serves 14 distinct flavors of tea, including Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, and Sri Lankan tea, among others. The ambiance exemplifies true truck art culture. Waiters at Chai Kada dress in traditional attire. The Noor Jahan melodies in the background are just another treat for tourists who were moved deeply.

2. Karachi’s Lal Qila

Lal Qila Restaurant is a fusion of culture, tradition, and cuisine. It specializes in representing Mughal Era cuisine as well as providing a’mock Mughal’ eating experience that recalls the splendour of a Mughal Emperor’s table.

The themed restaurant experience includes alfresco eating in castle-like settings that evoke “the fabled grandeur of a glorious and noble past.” Meanwhile, the cuisine is a fusion of Mughlai, Tandoori, Barbecue, and Traditional Pakistani, all of which are available from Lal Qila’s vast buffet service. The restaurant launches new dishes on a regular basis and hosts unique events and performances that transform the Mughal-style courtyard into a Mughal musical theater.

Chak 51 Islamabad

In Islamabad’s Bahria Town, there is a wonderful desi themed restaurant called ‘Chak 51.’ This massive desi themed restaurant offers a variety of outdoor, semi-outdoor, and inside sitting options, each with its own distinct desi motif. Chak 51 is an intimate desi design with the appearance of a little ‘kachi abadi.’

Inside the restaurant, there are several outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor seating areas with colorful windows. Clay pot lights, dholki chandeliers, colorful kites on the ceiling, and images of old Bollywood and Lollywood masterpieces plastered on ‘Thakthi’ boards remind everyone of their school days as villager children. There is also a partition made of hundreds of bright glass bangles and other items.

The restaurant also has ‘corridors’ of desi type bramdas with bespoke truck themed seating. Chak 51 is one of the top desi themed restaurants in Pakistan; pay them a visit and enjoy their lovely pure desi ambiance as well as their delicious food.

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