Top Food & Nutrition Health Trends

The health sector continues to grow quickly, attracting more public attention, government attention and public scrutiny more than it has ever. The focus on health is increasing consumers’ expectations and we can anticipate to see many changes to all of our foods.

This blog focuses on some of the trends that will take place

1. More personal accountability for health

The pandemic has helped to increase awareness about fitness and health increasing the number of people deciding to take a proactive method to their health, and taking more responsibility to their Health.

What we feel about the food we consume is becoming increasingly important – connections to where food comes from as well as the nutritional value it offers and the overall dining experience, mean much more today than it did before the pandemic.

2. More plants, even less Meat!

The need to cut down on consumption of meat could not be more crucial with sustainability becoming an issue that is sweeping across the globe. Drinks and foods that are more environmentally sustainable, have a less effect on the climate and are beneficial to our health will be the main aspect of this trend.

It is so more than just an fad! It is a true long-term trend and will only increase in importance.

The focus on eating plant-based does not mean that meat will go away, however. There are still many people who love meat and there will always be an appetite for meat. Hybrid meat-veggie options are becoming more popular on our shelves (where some meat is substituted with vegetables and plant-based options).

3. Meat from labs

This is the process of creating animal meat by using animal cells and lab equipment to transform the cells into muscle tissue.

There are many mixed feelings about cell-cultured meat however, there is no doubt about the fact that we’ll be seeing more advances in this field.

It may sound a bit futuristic however, many of the first technical issues such as taste have been greatly improved and a number of companies have declared pilot trials and limited launches.

There’s the difference between small-scale studies and bringing this into the mass market at a price that is affordable It’s likely to take a few years before it is a reality for everyone. We’ll certainly be hearing more about it  particularly in Singapore where the first lab-grown chicken nuggets were recently cleared for sale.

4. Calories

The labelling of calories will soon become the norm in England. Takeaways, restaurants, cafes and other eateries with more than 250 employees will be required to include the calorie content on menus and labels for foods and drinks starting in April. There will be a constant demands on restaurants and food establishments to decrease calories from their food items and drinks.

There will shift the focus of people from ‘weight’ towards ‘health which means for a lot of people they will less centered on calorie reduction instead focusing on the positive effects of nutrition and taste.

5. Seasonality

Locally-sourced and eating in season’ foods is an ongoing trend, and its appeal will only increase in.

The pandemic has put more emphasis on the importance of eating seasonal foods on our health as well as the health of our planet and will continue to stimulate innovation and growth in the field of food.

6. Gut Health & Immunity

Gut health is among the top health concerns that is discussed in both business and consumer media, however, its links to immunity have received increased attention during the entire epidemic.

There are a variety of popular probiotic and prebiotic products available, and there is more innovations expected to be made in the near future, including a range of kombucha’s, cereals, and snacks.

Brands are increasingly incorporating health and nutrition claims with the idea of immunity in mind. It is essential that claims are supported by science, both via the ingredients used as well as the amount of nutrients they supply (including the amount).

“Boosting” your immunity is a term that has been, and continues to be used throughout the health and wellbeing field.

Contrary to what many believe the idea of boosting your immune system isn’t recommended, since it can increase inflammation and may trigger an autoimmune reaction – which is harmful not good!

7. The increase in fortified food items

There’s a massive need for healthy, delicious food, but consumers want more! They are looking for products that offer a little more! It could be a mood-enhancing and promoting sleep or promises of improving the quality of their lives and are prepared to pay to get these advantages!

We’ll see a lot more attention on the flavor of cinnamon and turmeric, ginger, rosemary, sage, and thyme as well as new developments in ingredient development including functional mushrooms.

8. Personalised Nutrition

The field of personalized nutrition has been developing over the years, but now we are now entering an entirely new and advanced area. People are now eating according to the type of blood they have, metabolic profile, wearing fitness trackers and using methods like DNA testing. We also see food companies combining DNA nutrition tips with meal delivery services.

The science isn’t yet done yet, and as such there’s a lot of false promises and erroneous guidance.

There is no biomarker that will give you the exact amount of food to consume, but it’s an area that is likely to see increased attention, investment and hopefully some results! It’s an exciting area for the long term and could ultimately improve health for the public in a large way.

9. Alcohol is not permitted

No or low alcohol is a trend that has grown in recent years, with millennials as well as Generation Z leading this trend.

Consumers are starting to consider their health and well-being when they choose their beverage however it’s not only conscious consumers It’s a segment that is growing in popularity all over the world.

We’ll see more development in low- and no-alcohol varieties, and drinks that offer beneficial effects.

10. Indulgence

With all this attention to diet as well as health and wellness, you might be wondering what’s happening to the more calorie-rich, sugar- and fat-laden alternatives. I can assure you that these choices will be available for a lengthy time!