Top 10 Winter Skin Care Tips Infographic

When the season changes, so too does the weather. This season, this changes can bring frigid temperatures, frigid winds as well as dry, cold air. All this could strip off moisture from your skin causing it to become dry, dehydrated and itchy. While you aren’t able to manage the weather, but you can influence the way your skin appears and feels during the winter months. Below are the top 10 winter skin care tips for keeping your skin hydrated, smooth, and healthy…Winter Skin Care Tips.

1. Wear The Right Clothes

Even on the drier winter months, it is essential to dress in clothes that cover the bulk part of the body. This will help prevent windburn, which causes your skin to turn red and can make it sensitive. It is caused by excessive winds, a lack of humidity and sun’s UV rays, the condition is more common during the winter months and can deplete the natural oils in your skin, leading to irritation and dryness.

2. Always Wear SPF

SPF isn’t only for sunbathing. In winter, the sun’s rays, when combined with the reflection of snow and ice, could harm your skin just as like in summer. Make sure you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on every part of your face that will be exposed during winter.

3. Moisturize Chapped Lips

Everyone has experienced lips that have become chapped because of the harsh winter weather and using a lip balm containing SPF might do little to relieve the discomfort.

If your lips are extremely chapped Try applying a small drops of YON-KA Serum on your lips for a period of 10 minutes, then remove it with a soft cloth or a cotton ball that has been dipped into warm, hydrating water. This lip mask will ease discomfort and stop the dehydration cycle.

4. Red Nose

Rudolph isn’t the only one sporting an obnoxious red nose during winter. Being outside in frigid weather can reduce the circulation of the nose entirely. In order to restore things to normal, pour warm water on the washcloth, then press the area around your nose, restoring circulation. After that, apply an even layer of your preferred YON-KA moisturizer to ensure that your skin isn’t drying out.

5. Invest in a Humidifier

The home heat is devoid of moisture it, which can result in the same amount of dried skin, as does the cold air outside. Humidifiers fill the air inside your house with moisturizing, easing dry skin. A purchase of one could keep you from dry and itchy winter skin.

6. Treat Rough Elbow Skin

The skin around joints with large joints is more dense by design, to safeguard your bones. However, this skin can be prone to dryness, which could be uncomfortable and unsightly.

The exfoliation of this area using an exfoliant for the body such as YONKA Phyto Gel Exfoliant and following it with a rich moisturizer will keep the skin soft and smooth.

7. Stick to Warm Showers

The heat, when combined with the pressure of the shower, wash away oils from your skin. The oil does not just protect your skin, but it also makes it supple and youthful. In case you (like me!) like a steamy hot shower, be sure you apply a moisturizer shortly after drying off in order to keep hydration in and stop dry skin.

8. Drink More Water

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, drinking water is extremely beneficial in maintaining your skin’s health. It is also crucial during winter. Because your skin is more prone to dry out because of the decrease in humidity, you need to replenish the amount of moisture that your skin releases to safeguard itself through drinking more fluids.

9. Change Eating Habits

In the winter, it’s easy to consume comfort foods and sweets during the time of the holidays. To keep your skin looking healthy you should take in the proper nutrients. Do not skip the enjoyable stuff, but make sure you’re eating the fruits like oranges, berries and apples in order to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

10. Take a Healthy Skin Promoting Supplement

If you aren’t able to change your eating habits in the winter months, the next solution is to use a skin-enhancing supplement. We’ve listed some of our top picks on our blog. What are your most loved winter tips for maintaining your skin.