The Importance of Career Guidance in Modern-Day

As children, we are often asked what we want to become when we grow up. Our standard reply includes all the well-known professions like teachers, doctors, engineers, and so on. We are too young to comprehend what we are saying or whether we want to become what we are talking about. As time passes, we set out to accomplish these missions. Some make slight changes in their course, while others try their best to stick to the path. Nevertheless, no matter the effort put in, most people often find themselves stuck with a career that does not work.

According to experts, society’s preconceived notion of what a reputable career looks like often results in such misfits. Despite what one’s likes and skills are, students run after careers paths that seem acceptable. To address this situation, the concept of career guidance has come into play in recent times.

What do we mean by the phrase career guidance?

Career guidance is a program that aims to help students make the right career choices. It takes into account the respective academic qualifications of each student. For this process to work, career builders conduct extensive aptitude tests to figure out their abilities, interests, and hobbies. Once these factors are discovered, the students are interviewed.

Based on the evaluations, the individual is told about alternative career choices to choose from. A guideline on which options to pursue and/or avoid is part of the sessions. This advice also offers a road map. It includes information on required subjects, training, degrees, and available colleges. Moreover, a counselor also provides particulars on demand, salary, risks, and other factors of the selected career path.

For 9th and 10th students

A school is like a haven for students. Along with education, it offers the chance to rectify mistakes made by a student. However, the same cannot be said for the competitive world. It is believed that the class 10th board examination is the first step a student takes into the competitive realm. Thus, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the basic stream and subject choices made will help make career decisions later.

For 11th and 12th students

It is the stage before a student steps out into the competitive world. The three major streams available include science, commerce, and humanities. A career builder helps students make informed decisions here. For instance, it is a common belief that becoming doctors and engineers are the best option for science stream students. However, that is not always the case. Through career guidance, students can get ample information on other possible options based on their interests. They can choose subjects like Botany, Zoology, Criminology, Physiotherapy, Animal Husbandry, Epidemiology, Forensic Science, and many more.

On the other hand, the same goes for students from the humanities stream. Professional help during the stage can help them make suitable choices. Some of the more uncommon career paths include Archeology, Art History, Anthropology, Archivist, etc.

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The three parameters of career guidance

In the current day scenario, several schools, colleges, and universities across the globe have made an effort to set up an in-house career guidance unit. Candidates of institutions without such facilities, as well as adults engaged in the work sphere, can opt for private practitioners. However, before selecting a career builder, it is necessary to ensure the three major parameters. They are:

  1. A licensed practitioner – Making a career choice is one of the most important life decisions for any individual. Hence it demands the supervision of a licensed and competent practitioner.
  2. A trusted environment – The process of career guidance demands a trusted and serene environment. Such a setting undoubtedly helps the counselee to feel welcome and at ease.
  3. An accord of confidentiality – Based on the influence of family, friends, and society, people often end up making career choices. While the aim is to help, such interference often leads to paths that might not be best suited for the individual. Therefore, it is important to discuss one’s thoughts and views with a counselor in a confidential setting without being judged.

To sum up

Career guidance is swiftly becoming an integral part of the educational and professional sphere. An average individual spends most of their life working. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a career choice that will offer financial and emotional satisfaction.

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