Spartan Capital Securities

Spartan Capital Securities is a financial services firm providing wealth management, investment banking and equity research. Based in New York City and servicing clients nationwide.

Spartan Capital Securities, as a broker-dealer, is subject to regulations and oversight from both the SEC and FINRA. Recently, there have been six regulatory disclosure events regarding sales abuse or customer complaints against it.

Founded in 2002

Spartan Capital Securities operates within an increasingly complex environment driven by customer demands and regulatory demands, necessitating regular evaluation of service levels and fee transparency as well as being responsive and resolving customer complaints promptly and identifying any missteps, taking note of any missteps that occur and considering whether they represent larger trends or isolated incidents which have since been remedied.

spartan capital securities complaints was established in 2002 with a vision of providing strategic financial solutions seamlessly. They recognize each client has individual goals that may differ, and work hard to develop tailored investment strategies to align with them. From individuals to large institutions, Spartan pride themselves on offering exceptional client service by creating a collaborative environment which fosters open dialogue and innovation – leading them on to experience rapid growth while continuing to focus on innovative technologies to meet those needs.

Founded by Mark Kenas

Spartan Capital Securities is a financial services firm offering investors and businesses a comprehensive suite of financial services. They include equity sales and trading, debt capital markets advisory & financing solutions and mergers & acquisitions advisory services as well as institutional prime brokerage services and corporate restructuring & special situations advisory services.

Spartan Capital Securities has long been recognized as an industry-leader stockbroker; yet over time they have come under increasing fire from customers due to customer service issues, fraud or misrepresentation allegations by brokers and significant customer account losses due to financial advisors acting negligently or unlawfully.

Spartan Capital Securities takes great pride in adhering to high standards of ethical business practices. Additionally, the firm is committed to the preservation of the environment and sustainability in both offices and operations; participating actively in environmental conservation organizations while sponsoring community clean-up events.

Founded by John Lowy

The securities industry demands a variety of skills. These include emotional stability in order to endure an unstable stock market, initiative and strong interpersonal communication abilities. Employees of securities firms must also possess the ability to meet client needs and goals while successfully navigating a complex regulatory environment.

The company has received both praise and criticism from its customers, yet it is important to take each complaint and review with an objective perspective. When considering customer feedback it is crucial that negatives be balanced against positives; single incidents must be assessed against ongoing problems; valid complaints need to be carefully considered against possible misunderstandings;

Comparing Spartan Capital Securities services with those of its competitors will give an objective and nuanced picture of this brokerage firm. Furthermore, looking into their financial transactions and fee structures may help clarify whether any complaints against Spartan Capital Securities represent actual malpractices or simply reflect miscommunication between stakeholders.

Founded in New York City

Spartan Capital Securities is a financial firm offering investment banking and securities services to high-net-worth individuals and corporations alike. Services available include equity trading, fixed income investments, options trading, wealth management as well as corporate finance services such as mergers & acquisitions or private placements.

According to the FINRA complaint, from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2020, Spartan failed to timely file 223 amendments of Forms U4 and Forms U5 related to 72 of their stockbrokers who had been involved in customer initiated investment-related arbitration proceedings or sales practice violations.

Nicholas Schiano’s high rate of customer complaints should alert current and former customers. If you believe you have suffered financially due to Schiano’s misconduct, consult an experienced investor attorney; compensation could be available.