Role Of Print Media In The Era Of Digital Media

We live in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean print is dead. According to a recent survey, 85 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with a small business with custom/professionally printed items, such as business cards, posters, flyers, or banners.

Print marketing can still be an effective strategy, especially as digital content grows and we approach saturation. Business owners must embrace cross-channel marketing now more than ever, and the following reasons illustrate why print is an essential part of any marketing system.

  • Print is more enjoyable

Seventy-three percent of people believe that reading a paper book or magazine is more fun than reading on an electronic device, according to a 2017 survey. Furthermore, 71% say that reading printed newspapers are better to understand them than reading internet news. This makes sense; after staring at screens all day, people are looking for ways to unplug. With all of the digital devices, we have reached the point of monitoring fatigue, which has compiled neuroscientific research on the effects of print marketing. Experts explain that this is a physiological symptom from looking at devices all day.

The brain reaches a point of saturation. And when it does, it can no longer take in any more. So, whether you recognize it or not, even younger populations will seek out printed things when you hit that moment of digital information overload.

  • Printed Staples Have a Place in Professional Settings

Business cards, brochures, and sales sheets are still tangible must-have elements in the professional environment. These products are standard in many business interactions, and they’re also portable, allowing you to express your brand story swiftly. Business cards, for example, are still a must in the digital workplace. In a recent Forbes piece, sixteen experts questioned whether the business card was officially dead. According to eleven of them, business cards have varying levels of value in professional networking.

A business card is still the quickest and best way to exchange contact information at events, conferences, and other networking opportunities for the initial interaction. These printed materials help boost your brand and provide potential clients something tangible to take home, ensuring that you remain top of mind between meetings and sending follow-up emails. We at Print Boston help businesses spread their message and promote their services through our printing services. If you are scouting a Large format Printing service in Bostonget in touch with us. 

  • Print Can Be Personalized

According to recent data, 80% of customers are more willing to conduct business with a firm that provides individualized experiences. Individualized experiences delivered through print materials, such as personalized direct mail postcards, are highly demanded. Furthermore, because postcards do not require opening, they are more likely to be seen than other forms of direct mail such as letters.

You’re more likely to get your message across without social media distractions while still providing a personalized experience for your customers. Our print designs offer a personalized experience to your customers and help your business attract a huge market base. 

The best calls to action are short, specific, and easy to understand, and they use powerful words like save, 100 percent, act now, accessible, and guaranteed. If possible, include an expiration date or a time-sensitive offer to create a sense of urgency. Our services are most prominent in business printing, so if you want to promote your services to a broader audience, get in touch with us. Contact us if you want to know more about printing text messages from your iPhone.

Printing is a cost-effective and practical way to promote your company. You can provide contact information for an individual in your firm on business cards, and you can target several people at once with banners. Likewise, posters can be put up in high-traffic areas and offer an excellent, low-cost, ongoing solution to promoting your business, products, and services.

So if you are scouting the best printing company in Boston for text message printing or marketing collateral printingthen get in touch with us today.