Poker Game: Common Mistakes Newbie Players Often Make

Although playing poker game is easy, often new players make some mistakes. In the beginning, they make common mistakes which lead to their defeat in the game. These simple mistakes can be easily fixed with some tricks which we’re going to discuss in detail below. A player should always remember the teen patti rules to win the game. Let us now discuss some common mistakes that a newbie player makes. From the mistakes discussed below, players can correct their mistakes & avoid those who make the mistake:

1.Playing Too Many Hands Before the Flop

  • It becomes difficult for a newbie player to decide which hand is strong & which is weak as it completely depends on different situations. For instance, players don’t know when to play small-suited connectors like King-Jack and when to play Ace-Ten.
  • One more important thing to note is that playing too many hands at once can weaken the starting ranges. It’ll result in even more losses & confusion during post-flop play. This may hinder their overall win rate. This problem mainly affects players who call raises before the flop.
  • To solve this problem, we would like to recommend the GTO Range app from Red Chip Poker. This app opens raising ranges for every poker game & position. It will provide valuable information to novice poker players and improve their strategy.

2.Mistake of Disregarding the Position

  • Ignoring position is the second most common mistake a freebie makes, especially before the flop. This error often occurs preflop when playing with too many hands. It is important to note that playing the hand more than the latter position is of utmost importance to players.
  • If a player plays multiple hands from the beginning or middle of the game timeline, it is out of position. They will have to face many opponents after the flop. It makes the process of decision-making difficult and so it is advisable to assess the possibility of being in position before playing any hand. You can adjust your preflop strategy accordingly.

3.Calling Too Many Weak Hands After the Flop

  • This is the third most common mistake that many novice players make while playing the game. This involves calling a lot of hands one after the other postflop. New players play in the safe zone so they are playing with weak hands. 
  • It is very important to note that not to go too far in the opposite direction. Therefore, new players should carefully consider the reason behind their calling decisions. This will help newbie players avoid unnecessary losses.

4.Not Paying Attention to Opponents

  • Not paying proper attention to your opponents is the fourth mistake a beginner makes. It is obvious that as a new player, you will feel overwhelmed by the many aspects you have at your hands. It is advised not to weaken the opponents as it can be harmful.
  • You can easily win over your opponent players by knowing their strengths & weaknesses. This is possible just by observing his playing style closely. Players can adopt their own strategy as per teen patti rules.
  • For instance, if your opponent folds frequently, you should bluff more often. If they are extremely messy you can confidently discard weak bluffs and focus more on value betting. Minute observation will help you assess the hand later and develop a more attractive mindset.


Don’t get too emotional while playing poker game. There are people who have been actively playing poker with proficiency for almost two decades. We have seen that new players continuously fall into the same trap due to their innocence. Avoid cheating excessively as it shows a lack of understanding of poker. The player needs to keep in mind the teen patti rules and beginners should be quite cautious and avoid making the mistakes discussed above while playing the game.