Nasal Mask Can Lead to Easier CPAP Therapy Compliance

A nasal CPAP mask is the most common mask used in sleep apnea therapy. In general, nasal masks have a plastic frame with triangle-shaped silicone cushions. You can buy a nasal mask from the best CPAP supply store, as many manufacturers use gel and foam with silicone frames for a perfect seal.

Since these silicone and gel cushions sit under the nose, their effect is limited. Masks usually need to be changed every five to seven months because the oils released from the skin break down the silicone. These parts can be replaced in almost all nasal mask varieties, helping customers save money buying an entirely new mask.

Some benefits of the nasal mask are:

  • Less claustrophobic than full face masks
  • Secure seating for a good seal
  • Comfortable for unique face structures
  • Best for high-pressure settings

Who should use a Nasal Mask?

  • You should use nasal masks if you are an active sleeper because it provides a secure seal when changing sleeping positions.
  • A nasal mask may be preferred over a full-face mask if you have been prescribed a high-pressure setting.
  • If you have difficulty fitting a full-face mask, then use nasal masks because they easily fit any face shape.

ResMed AirFit N30 nasal cradle CPAP mask with headgear is the best example of a nasal mask. The AirFit N30 is a lightweight design that includes a soft, curved cushion that provides a comfortable fit and reduces nostril pain and nasal bridge red marks. A wide-open structure makes it easy to wear, and the mask stays at the same place to maintain a secure seal while sleeping at night in different positions.

ResMed AirFit N30 is not tough to maintain. Clean it with mildly soapy warm water. Disassembling and reassembling of AirFit N30 is relatively easy to other masks.

Who Should use the AirFit N30 Nasal Mask?

  • Any CPAP therapy user who finds their current CPAP mask too noisy or uncomfortable.
  • A person receiving therapy for the first time and struggling to adapt to CPAP therapy needs a more flexible nasal mask design.
  • AirFit N30 is perfect for side sleepers as its cushion design provides a secure seal.
  • Patients who wear their masks while reading books or watching TV before sleeping.