Learn to Swim at Star Swim Schools


Swim schools provide lessons for children of all ages. They emphasize water safety skills and proper stroke technique.

Parents should carefully consider which swimming school is best suited for their child and their goals in the water. Some have a high student-to-instructor ratio, while others emphasize safety and advanced technique development.

We offer Learn to Swim Kids Program

Star Swim Schools’ Learn to Swim Kids Program is a proven system that teaches children from four months to 12 years how to swim. Each level builds upon the previous one, helping them become confident and secure swimmers for life.

Swimmers typically reach milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers and demonstrate greater physical, language and cognitive development. These advantages can be attributed to the learning environment provided by the swimming classes Clyde.

At our swimming lessons, children learn in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere without distractions like water slides or other facilities that could make them feel anxious during the learning process. Furthermore, our instructors have extensive experience working with young children who tend to experience anxiety so they’re able to support them throughout this challenging phase of development.

Our lessons offer you and your child the unique chance to spend quality time together in a safe environment where they can develop and blossom in their own unique way. Studies have indicated that taking them swimming as babies or toddlers can be an excellent way to build bonds and develop trust between you both.

The Learn to Swim Kids program consists of 6 levels that can be completed at your own pace with a 50% cost reduction for those who qualify. The initial two stages are tailored towards those who are uncomfortable submerging their head or body and have never swam before; whereas, the last three emphasize building swimming skills and endurance.

At All of Our Swim Lessons, your child will receive expert instruction from qualified and experienced coaches with extensive expertise in both competitive swimming and childhood education. Our instructors strive to develop your child into a safe and confident swimmer for life.

A baby’s ability to survive a drowning incident is just as critical as their instinctive survival skills. That’s why it’s critical that you enroll your infant in a swimming class at an early age.

Babies are naturally drawn to water and will be thrilled when it’s time for them to go swimming. While getting them in the pool may be challenging at first, they’ll quickly adjust and become more confident splashing around in it.

We offer Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming Lessons are an excellent way for your child to become familiar with water activities at a young age and set them up for success! These lessons can help develop strength, balance, coordination and grasping abilities.

Swimming is essential for children to learn at a young age, as it can be an invaluable lifesaving skill they will use throughout their lives. Plus, it’s fun for the whole family to do together – making swimming an invaluable addition to your child’s education and development.

Our swim instructors are expert at teaching infants and toddlers how to swim, so you can rest assured knowing your little one will be safe in the water. We offer both group and private instruction so your child can develop into a confident, independent swimmer!

Our groups are small and tailored to give your child the individual attention they need to progress in their skills. If you want your young swimmer to make a big impression, our competitive swimming programs are an ideal choice.

Group lessons for children aged 6 months – 5 years old are offered, while private classes are available to kids of all ages. During your child’s initial lesson, we will assess their abilities and place them in an appropriate level based on that assessment.

Bring a bathing suit, goggles and towel for your child. If they are not potty trained yet, we suggest using a swim diaper.

Enrolling your child in our group lessons is easy! Simply select the appropriate age/level and register online. After they have signed up, we will contact you to arrange their first lesson.

At these infant swim lessons, our certified instructors will teach your child essential water safety skills such as blowing bubbles, submersion, arm and leg movements and floating on their back. Additionally, they’ll learn how to push off the wall with a gentle touch so they can become independently active in the pool.

Our Baby swim lessons offer a secure and rewarding learning environment that your child will remember for life! Our instructor will lead your little one through an enjoyable environment while you observe from the sidelines.

We offer Adult Swimming Lessons

Our swim schools provide a comprehensive selection of services for both children and adults, from beginner to advanced levels. Additionally, we have an adult program specifically tailored towards re-learning how to swim.

No matter your age or current skill level, our Adult Learn to Swim program is tailored to teach essential water safety techniques that could save your life or the lives of those around you! 70% of drowning victims are adults.

Our program’s mission is to teach water safety, and our amazing instructors are dedicated to making your experience a positive one. Lessons are enjoyable, friendly, and tailored towards each student’s individual needs.

At the start of each lesson, students are introduced to the water in a safe environment. Afterwards, they work toward developing confidence and mastering their strokes while emphasizing water safety.

Classes are held in a group setting with 10 students per class and last 45 minutes.

Infant/Toddler Program (6 Months-36 Months): This program introduces basic water skills, aquatic safety, and a positive learning environment through games, songs and stories. An adult will be in the water with each child at all times.

Prerequisites: Beginner 1.

Objectives: Independently swim 30 feet on both front and back, assist with back flotation, jump into shallow end (4 ft), submerge head, and retrieve sinking ring.

Intermediate (Beginner and Improver): Objectives: Gain confidence swimming the length of the pool, independently perform water safety skills, and increase swimming endurance & speed.

Booster: Objectives: Enhance swimming techniques, boost endurance and speed, and enhance water safety.

Advance: Goals: Be confident swimming freestyle and backstroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke, plus learn the butterfly and diving progressions.

Swimming Lessons Clyde will also cover dolphin kick introduction and develop more advanced personal safety and rescue skills.

The Make a Splash Local Partner network is made up of qualified learn-to-swim programs across America that are dedicated to water safety and education. Through this network, nearly 2 million children have received lifesaving lessons in swim lessons since its inception.

We offer Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the ideal way for adults and kids to learn to swim. With several instructors available, there’s sure to be a match that meets both your needs and budget. The advantages of one-on-one instruction can last long term, such as increased confidence and enhanced social skills.

Our top-notch coaches will assist you in reaching your swimming stroke count goals or becoming an elite swimmer. With years of experience and expertise, we will guide you through each lesson with excitement as we celebrate success at each lesson’s end. Our mission is to give each student the highest level of care while making them comfortable in and around water while teaching them important aspects about this sport.

Star swimmers enjoy their own pool and dedicated instructor to create a stress-free learning atmosphere. The class is divided into levels based on age and skill, with emphasis placed on the most suitable level for each child.

Group lessons for ages 6 and older are also available. Our award-winning curriculum is designed to teach all the fundamentals of swimming – from doing a few laps to swimming a mile! Utilizing cutting-edge instructional technology, this program ensures an exemplary swimming experience.

Star Swim Schools utilizes the most up-to-date instructional technology, offering a range of programs and services tailored to meet your requirements. Most importantly, though, we are here for you – you can contact us anytime to discuss your swimming and aquatic requirements.