Importance and Roles of women empowerment programs.

Women contribute significantly to various areas of a nation. Be it in the form of unpaid labor, entrepreneurial jobs, or business. Sadly, women still suffer from gender discrimination in most societies and communities. In many places, women are subjected to unpaid labor or are paid less than men. Some cultures also restrict many women and are harsh on women. They are required to clean, cook and nurture the children, and in some cases, women are not allowed to have a night out with the opposite sex. In some areas, female children and women, in general, are not permitted to receive education of any sort but are riddled with various chores. Unfortunately, female gender discrimination has existed for the longest time. However, in 1985, the notion of women’s empowerment was introduced.

What is women’s empowerment?

Women empowerment is the act or process of empowering women to boost their self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and many other qualities they may lack. Empowering women is reminding women that they have rights, and those rights should be honored as well. Through women’s empowerment, women realize that they have a right to proper education, belong in any society, play a role in the development of the economy, and participate in the politics of a nation. Women can study whatever they prefer and apply for jobs in any department. Women also have the democratic right to participate in politics and vote for whoever they want.

Women empowerment programs aim to encourage, strengthen and uplift women and provide a sense of independence and give women the support they require to earn their own money and develop the confidence to work in any space of their choice. Thanks to women empowerment programs, people learn to respect and value women. Women empowerment also helps to reduce the occurrence of domestic violence. In recent times, many women can be found in critical positions of the world, politically, economically, and professionally. It also helps to create awareness for physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that many women go through.

Roles of women empowerment programs

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Some of the roles of women empowerment programs include; supporting girls and women going through a crisis mentoring the girl child for a brighter future. Women empowerment programs raise funds for less-privileged women and help them start up a business or invest in an existing business. They also sponsor women’s education and create job opportunities for them.