Explore the Versatility of Gas Struts in Everyday Products

Gas struts make many products in mechanical engineering more functional and easier to use. These simple devices are a form of hydraulic actuators that use compressed air to provide a consistent and controlled force. From reclining chairs to automobile hoods, the gas strut is vital in enhancing safety and functionality.

What are Gas Struts?

Gas struts are pneumatic shock absorbers that use nitrogen as a compressed gas. They provide linear force and motion by using pressure. A cylinder tube combines a piston rod and a pressurized gas charge. The tube’s two ends are sealed to prevent gas leakage and maintain the pressure.

Gas struts rely on the movement of a piston rod inside the tube. As a force compresses a piston rod, resistance is created. As the pressure of the gas increases, the force exerted in the other direction is often used to lift an object, lower it, or support it.

Gas Struts for Automotive Use

Gas struts may be most commonly used in automotive applications. You’ve likely seen them when you’ve opened and closed your car trunk or hood. They keep heavy components firmly in place and provide controlled lifting/lowering. In the automotive market, gas struts provide several benefits.

  • No Hands Operation: Gas struts enable drivers to load or unload their vehicles without using their hands.
  • Space efficiency: The gas struts do not require manual supports, props, or supports. This allows for more space to be used in the cargo bay or engine bay.
  • Customization: It is possible to customize gas struts to ensure they provide the correct force. This allows the manufacturers to adapt them to specific requirements for each vehicle model.

Gas Struts in Furniture Design

Gas struts play a vital role in many types of furniture, including office and reclining chairs. These products offer many benefits due to their inclusion.

  • Comfort: Gas struts are easy to use and allow smooth and controlled adjustments. They make it possible to recline a seat or adjust its height.
  • Ergonomics: Gas struts provide ergonomic support, allowing users to adjust their seating position according to comfort and posture.
  • Safety: In reclining chairs, gas struts ensure the chair will return to its upright position gradually and safely. This reduces the risk that sudden movements can lead to accidents.
  • Durability: Our gas struts ensure long-term use and minimal maintenance.

Gas Struts Aerospace

Gas struts can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Aircraft Seating A gas strut allows for the smooth adjustment and comfort of aircraft seats.
  • Bins Overhead: Gas struts provide a consistent and controlled overhead bin experience.
  • Vehicle Cargo Compartments: Gas Struts help open and close cargo compartment doors, hatches, and other openings. This allows for more efficient loading and offloading.
  • Safety Exits: Gas Struts are used on emergency exit doors so they can easily be opened in the event of an accident.


Gas struts showcase the innovative power of simple engineering solutions. Their versatility enables them to play a crucial role in enhancing daily products, from automobiles to furnishings, aerospace to medical devices, and marine applications to industry machinery. Even though they are hidden from view, these gas struts improve the functionality, safety and user experience of products. This makes our everyday lives more comfortable, efficient and secure. As technology and engineering advance, we expect to see gas struts applied in even more innovative ways to products that we use every day.