English Teachers in Sharjah? What to Know Before You Go

Sharjah is a great place to live, no doubt about that. There’s so much life, vibrancy in English Teachers in Sharjah, and the people are so friendly; you will enjoy living here — give or take a little. If you too are planning to move to Sharjah and looking for an English teaching job in Sharjah, this post will make things easier for you. I’m going to tell you what you need to know before you go.

The Advantages of Teaching in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country in the Middle East and is neighbored by Saudi Arabia and Oman. While the UAE is a small country, it boasts a large population of expatriates.

The Advantages of Teaching in the UAE

There are many advantages to teaching English in the UAE, some of which are outlined below:

You get to live in an amazing country that has great amenities and attractions. With year-round sunshine, breathtaking beaches, and one of the safest countries in the world, what is not to like about teaching English in Sharjah?

Sharjah offers you close proximity to other destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This means that you have the opportunity to explore the other emirates during your time off without having to travel too far.

You get to learn about a new culture while living in a first-world country. Many people who teach English abroad say that they experience culture shock when they first arrive at their host destination. However, this is unlikely to be an issue when you teach English in Sharjah as it has many Western luxuries. You can also expect a high standard of education as well as excellent healthcare facilities.

What Are Salaries Like for an English Teacher in Sharjah?

The United Arab Emirates is known for its high standard of living. The oil-rich economies of the UAE’s seven emirates have created some of the most prosperous cities in the world, and those who work there are rewarded with high salaries and tax-free incomes. However, not all the United Arab Emirates are created equal.

Pay in Dubai is considerably higher than in other cities like Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, but English Teachers in Sharjah can still make a comfortable income working Sharjah, particularly if they don’t spend their salary on anything other than rent and groceries. A primary school teacher in Sharjah can expect to earn about $3,000 – 5000 USD per month.

But that’s just a starting point — salaries depend on a number of factors including the teacher’s level of education and experience. Primary school teachers without a bachelor’s degree will earn closer to $2,500 USD per month while someone with a master’s degree can earn as much as $4,000 USD or more each month depending on their experience.

Is Teaching English Abroad the Right Choice?

Teaching in Sharjah can be a rewarding, enriching experience and a great opportunity to travel and experience a vibrant culture.

Sharjah is one of the most popular destinations in the Gulf region for English teachers. It’s easy to see why: the weather is warm and dry. Salaries are generous, and it’s relatively inexpensive to live there.

Sharjah is not as flashy or well-known as Dubai, but it has a lot to offer. The Emirate is home to a number of fascinating museums and is proud of its cultural heritage. Sharjah was named the UNESCO World Capital of Islamic Culture for 1998 and 2014 and was honored with the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of Arts.

One thing you should know about teaching in Sharjah is that schools for females only hire female teachers. If you’re married, you’ll have to find a mixed-gender school where both you and your spouse can work.