Easy steps to create an anonymous bitcoin wallet

Those who trade on the blockchain network, know how important it is to remain anonymous. 

You mustn’t leave any traces of your transactions in public view. Or you’d lose your bitcoins in the nick of time.

You can’t expect your bitcoins to remain safe, once you expose your address to the public. There are plenty of hackers, already viewing and eyeing an opportunity to just hack/steal all these currencies you’ve stored. 

This is the reason why one should always keep their transactions and addresses anonymous. 

In this blog, we will guide you step by step to help you create an anonymous Bitcoin wallet and trade safely on the blockchain network.

  1. Get an anonymous hardware and software wallet: 

This is important, as there are software wallets, with the best safety features but users still get hacked. And this is why, you need to have the proper software and a hardware wallet intact, in place, working for you. You should keep in mind that it’s still your responsibility to keep it safe and secure. 

It’s the same as, you have got a bag full of a hefty amount of cash, and you leave it at a public place. And still hoping to go back to the bag being there as you left it.

Sounds impractical and unrealistic right? 

With that being said, you should prioritize PROTECTING YOURSELF, when you’re creating an anonymous wallet. 

For this purpose, you can start by buying a cheap desktop or laptop and removing its hard drive.

Now which software you can use, depends upon various factors and is truly arguable.

Oldies suggests you can use the Tor network using TAILS. 

TAILS provides you with the facility to maintain your anonymity while you’re transacting on the blockchain network, and it helps you remain untraceable. Also, it does not leave any traces on the device with which you trade. 

It is a live DVD that makes sure you remain anonymous online.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind is, you should never connect to the network using your home internet connection.

Take your time getting familiar with Linux, by using TAILS for a few days. Then you can go ahead and establish a connection when you get familiar.

And then, you can start using the Tor network, and know that you’ll probably be safe on the network.

  • Create an anonymous bitcoin wallet: 

Once you have the right hardware and software wallets, now you need to create an anonymous wallet. 

The easiest way to create an anonymous wallet is to use the code at bitaddress.org according to experts. 

These are the following steps you can use: 

  • Save bitaddress.org.html to your device.
  • Close the browser.
  • Disable the WiFi on your device.
  • Open bitaddress.org.html in the browser.
  • Generate an address and then record your private keys.
  • Close the browser window.


It’s always easier said than done. 

It’s crucial and difficult to maintain anonymity online when you want to trade in the riskiest currency, on the busiest network, and still want your digital money to be safe and secure. 

So now you know, you should create an anonymous wallet first and then make transactions and store digital money.

It’s a yes to making an anonymous wallet.

  • Funding: 

This on its part, is a quite tough nut to crack. The most exhausting part of the entire process is to figure out how to fund your wallet.

You may think, there are sites you can access to fund your wallet. But that would require you to link your bank account to your wallet, before sending funds to an anonymous address. And that would ultimately make you traceable on the network since bank accounts have most of your personal information. 

An option here could be, you can make cash deposits through sites like ZipZap.

You won’t need to fill up your actual details, instead, you can fill up made-up details, like the email address you create on the Tor network.

And you can easily do this via Hotmail or Yahoo! 

You do not require to give your details such as phone number or email id to sign up on this. The best deal right? 

You should enable your new account to forward your emails to your other account.

You would be asked for confirmation via your email, only once.

And then, you can generate a new address with every deposit and ensure staying safe on the network.

  • Spend with anonymous wallet: 

Curiosity at its peak? 


As mentioned above already, you buy bitcoins via TAILS and can use a lite client as Electrum, as well for the purpose.

And with TAILS or Electrum, access your account.  Every time you want to spend on something, you’ll be asked to re-download, but the process is hassle-free and fast. Once the access is granted, you can send via your wallet easily while also maintaining your anonymity on the web.