Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock is an American Model, Singer, Social Media Star, Musician, Artist and Dancer hailing from Maryland. She is best known for posting modeling photos and lifestyle vlogs to her various social media accounts.

After appearing on Blueface’s OnlyFans reality show Blue Girl’s Club on OnlyFans reality television channel, she quickly rose to fame. Winning the competition gave her access to contracts from Blueface LLC.

She is a singer

Chrisean Rock was born and raised in Maryland. She started pursuing music after graduation from high school. Since then she has released numerous singles and music videos as well as becoming popular on social media platforms such as Instagram.

As of 2023, she estimated her net worth at approximately $2 Million and earns most of her income through YouTube, modeling work and brand endorsements.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth ancestry is diverse, and she was raised in Baltimore with 11 siblings. Unfortunately, both her father was imprisoned most of his life while mother struggled with drug dependency.

Despite her difficult upbringing, she has managed to become an accomplished musician and Instagram influencer with 194K subscribers on YouTube as of January 2023.

Chrisean and Blueface have recently become expecting parents. At first he expressed doubt over whether Chrisean’s child could be his, but eventually came around.

She is a model

Chrisean Rock is a social media influencer and model who became well-known through modeling for swimwear and street wear brands, posting lifestyle content to her Instagram and YouTube channels.

She began modeling in 2015 and quickly gained recognition. Reportedly, her income is generated through YouTube work, modeling gigs, brand endorsements and her social media accounts.

Her boyfriend, rapper Blueface, accused her of cheating with multiple men over the past year. While sharing photos and videos online during their relationship, their increasingly toxic behaviour on social media indicated the degree to which their relationship had become toxic.

Chrisean recently made headlines when she announced she is pregnant with Blueface’s child; however, the rapper is skeptical as to whether or not they are biological parents of his future offspring and has asked Chrisean to take a DNA test before accepting that she is indeed his mother.

She is a social media personality

Chrisean Rock is an influential social media personality and model from Baltimore, Maryland who began her social media career a few years ago and currently estimates her net worth to be approximately $2 Million by 2023.

She maintains a YouTube channel called “ChriseanRock”, where she posts daily vlogs about fashion, lifestyle and travel. With over 48K subscribers to date.

According to her biography, she is the 11th of 12 siblings with diverse ancestries in a family with strong roots in Minnesota. She attended Brainerd High School before earning her BA degree.

Her father had been imprisoned, while her mother battled drug addiction – these challenges made for an extremely challenging childhood experience for her.

Despite her difficult past, she remains immensely fond of both her parents and siblings. Blueface was her first love; their relationship has been turbulent but is still going strong today.

She is a tattoo artist

Chrisean Rock got her boyfriend Blueface tattooed onto her neck shortly after their break-up. Chrisean got it done several weeks after they parted ways.

A rapper advised her against getting the tattoo, yet she decided to go through with it anyway and her video of getting inked went viral within hours of posting to social media.

“When asked by someone to stop tattooing the same guy, it should be an obvious decision,” she wrote in her caption for the video posted to Instagram.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time she’s got a face tattoo to celebrate her relationship with Blueface; in fact, she already has six more featuring him on her wrists, arms, throat and private parts!

She already boasted seven Blueface tattoos on her body; now, she also bears his government name emblazoned above her eyebrow. Furthermore, she recently added another face portrait to her neck – evidence that this couple won’t part ways anytime soon!