Celebrity Biography – Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey rose to fame during the ’90s as part of boy band 98 Degrees alongside brother Drew, friend Justin Jeffre and founder Jeff Timmons.

Nick and Jessica rose to fame during their relationship due to the MTV reality show Newlyweds Nick and Jessica, which became highly-watched during that period.

He Debuted in the Group 98 Degrees

Nick Lachey Net Worth began his professional singing career with 98 Degrees, an indie rock band formed in the mid-1990s by himself, his brother Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons. They released an eponymous debut album before experiencing mainstream success with their follow up release 98 Degrees and Rising which sold over 10 million records at its peak.

98 Degrees was one of the more beloved boy bands during its heyday and had an enormous teenage fanbase, thanks to heavy marketing of their image that focused on their physical features and charismatic charm. Additionally, members appeared regularly on television series including appearances on several series as well as hosting talent competition The Sing-Off.

At their reunion this summer, Nick Lachey announced that the group will release music and schedule performances as part of their campaign, “98 Days of Summer”. Fans can look forward to surprises every day for fans such as new single releases or music videos, plus performances at events like Hershey Park Summer Mixtape Festival between August 18-20th.

He Married Jessica Simpson

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson began dating for some time prior to getting married in 2002 on MTV reality show Newlyweds, as documented on that series’s reality show Newlyweds. Unfortunately, in 2005 they divorced due to irreconcilable differences. According to Jessica in her tell-all memoir she claims their relationship deteriorated following filming started of Newlyweds which caused her to question everything about herself and her spouse; Lachey has spoken openly about their breakup, even writing and recording song called “What’s Left of Me,” with lyrics that appear to reference Jessica in his lyrics which appear to make reference back.

On a recent episode of Love is Blind on Netflix, Vanessa Lachey exchanged fist bumps with contestant Matt Bolton before telling him that marriage “always improves with time.” Twitter users found this remark offensive; some even claimed it brought up Simpson’s divorce over 10 years prior.

He Divorced Jessica Simpson

’90s residents may recall seeing Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson everywhere, as their relationship became one of the highest-profile couples at that time. Both famous pop stars, they married for three years before parting ways due to irreconcilable differences.

They first met through their shared manager at the Hollywood Christmas Parade. A year later they reunited at a Teen People party, started dating again, became engaged by February 2002, and eventually tied the knot that October in Texas – their wedding being featured on MTV reality show Newlyweds.

As their relationship was highly publicized and full of drama, there were rumors of Simpson cheating with Johnny Knoxville upon their separation; Knoxville denied such allegations. Simpson wrote in her 2020 memoir Open Book about being hurt by how quickly her ex-husband moved on with his life after they parted ways; he began dating Vanessa Minnillo shortly thereafter.

He Married Vanessa Lachey

After his split from Simpson, Lachey quickly launched a solo music career and hosted several popular TV shows. Before the year’s end he released his R&B-influenced SoulO album on Universal, while appearing as one of three male leads on Newlyweds for three seasons on ABC TV.

Vanessa and Nick first met while filming 98 Degrees’ What’s Left of Me music video, where Vanessa was dating someone else at the time but developed an instant attraction for Nick as she described a “mini-crush”.

Vanessa and Nick revealed details about their romance during an appearance on Strahan, Sara & Keke in 2020. According to Vanessa, she gave Nick an ultimatum before they decided to get married.

Nick and Vanessa have managed to remain together despite their busy lives for more than a decade of marriage, raising three children – Camden, Brooklyn and Phoenix – together. Recently they took an unforgettable family vacation on Maui where Nick hosted Love Is Blind which featured six couples either tying the knot or parting ways after trial marriages.