Best Business Ideas For Women

Are you ready to begin your business? In the past 10 years, I’ve tested all of these suggestions. Which one would you like to begin with? I would highly suggest picking one at first and then you can increase your income streams later!


If you are a teacher and support others, then putting together workshops is a great option for you. It could be a 90 minute workshop, a half-day or even a few days either in person or via virtual.


If you love sharing items you enjoy with your family and friends then why not be paid to help you share the great products that you are passionate about!

It could mean that you are paid by companies to inform your viewers of their offerings. This is ideal for those with large audiences.


If you are a fan of being on stage and helping others, then speaking could be the right choice for you. It could mean being paid by professional or corporate organizations to present speeches or keynote speeches.


If you are a writer or have the skills or expertise to improve and simplify the lives of others, then creating digital guides is for you.


If you’re a teacher but aren’t willing to leave the house online, online courses could be a good fit for you.

It could be the teaching of a subject live or recording content.


If you like to try and share the products you’ve used.

It could mean receiving an amount of each sale that your audience makes. Ex: Amazon affiliates


If you enjoy helping other people, and also answer any questions they might have, coaching could be a good fit for you.

It could be via the phone, or on zoom. It could also be in person, or even a tool such as Slack.


If you are a fan of creating innovative products and want to offer something that customers can touch and feel, and then share with social media, physical goods could be the right choice for you.


If you’re interested in using your experience and expertise to assist others in making progress and change the lives of others, then starting a membership site could be the right choice for you.

It could help people overcome a specific issue or master a skill or making things more easy for people.


If you are a person who loves helping others to achieve a quick result the challenges could be right ideal for you.

It could be in an Facebook group, or you could upload your videos to vimeo. You can use Zoom Live to present your challenge and even provide a workbook.