Advantages of Private Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation (NEMT) Over Public Transportation

Public transportation has evolved to accommodate wheelchair patients who need to travel to their destination throughout the years. However, it is the most convenient option for driving wheelchair users around. You can always schedule for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).

Below we have mentioned some of the fundamental reasons wheelchair users choose private NEMT over public transportation?


There is usually a schedule that specifies when it will arrive and depart for public transportation. Many factors can delay the arrival of scheduled buses and cabs. There’s no doubting that on-demand transportation (or having one ready ahead of time) is more convenient for wheelchair users who need to attend regularly scheduled appointments or events on time, such as medical transportation services in Santa Rosa, ca. 


While public transportation has made modifications to accommodate wheelchair users, there is no way of knowing if a bus will be complete or serve additional wheelchair users. NEMT providers are meant to meet accessibility needs and give on-demand assistance. Some NEMT providers accommodate patients in wheelchairs for those who need it. One can book them in advance. Get in touch with us to know more about our services or book your slots for chemotherapy center transportation in Santa rosa, CA


The best non-emergency medical service includes a skilled and most reliable team of nurses and drivers with relevant professional certifications with years of commendable in-field experience and skills needed for safe transportation. The staff regularly attends educational courses and training to stay updated with the latest rules and regulations.


Even while public transportation has designated sections for wheelchair users, nothing beats the convenience of having a large vehicle to oneself. When you can book personal transport for wheelchair users to their destination, there is no need to deal with crowded buses or trains.


Wheelchair users who require assistance can contact and hire a vehicle with a driver who will arrive at their door. It is unnecessary to go a long distance to take a bus or reach the nearest railway station. Overall, NEMT is a lot more enjoyable mode of transportation than public transportation. They accept reservations 24/7 and will ensure that you arrive at your selected location on time.

Reliable and Accessible Transportation with North Bay Med

There is no need to put up with the hassles of public transportation when there is non-emergency chemotherapy transportation in Santa rosa. Our vehicles provide passengers in a wheelchair the comfort and convenience they need and helpful drivers who will help them on their way to their appointments, even those out of state. 

If you require handicap transportation in Santa Rosa, California, do not hesitate to contact North Bay med transport for expert assistance. They specialize in wheelchair transportation throughout California and the surrounding areas. Many differently-abled patients have significantly benefited from their excellent services. Their expert team gives special medical consideration to all patients according to their needs and requirements.