Address Verification Solution – Eliminate Chargeback Frauds

Businesses these days are troubled by the rising instances of chargeback fraud. Companies must spend a significant sum of money on getting correct residential information. According to studies, if a customer has a bad experience with any business, 80% of them will switch to a different one. Some business owners believe that the client identification verification procedure is sufficient for protecting their organizations. According to Shufti Pro news, address verification processes is extremely important in minimizing financial losses brought on by chargeback fraud. The clients’ accurate addresses are saved during the authentication process. It can even lower the amount of failed deliveries and improve global customer satisfaction.

What does Address Verification System Mean?

Utilizing address verification technology, address-based data is validated prior to any legitimate business transaction with a client. To guarantee the security of every transaction, secure business transactions must be put into practise. Another essential aspect of this system is identity verification for customers. 

How does an Address Verification Solution Protect Companies?

Crime rates and fraudulent activities have increased over time. The combination of identity verification solutions along with address validation services, can help businesses in several ways.

Controlling Fraud

Businesses need to take address verification services very seriously for this paramount reason. Its authentication is now required in all industries. If companies do not attempt to implement a robust address verification solution, fraudsters will continue to take advantage of the vulnerability and abuse the system. As customers get to know about company’s negligence would be extremely damaging to its reputation.

Enhance Customer Experience by Cutting Out Failed Deliveries

Deliveries that go wrong now cost businesses money more regularly. Shufti Pro news claims that they must take billion-dollar financial damages. Implementing a trustworthy address verification system over time helps reduce money loss and improve customer service. The primary objective of the address verification system is to safeguard accurate consumer information. Their lives are made easier because the address box is automatically filled up correctly.

Compliance with FATF Regulations

As per the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), every regulated business must comply with to ensure the database’s safety and security, identity verification checks are performed for customers. Verifying an address helps businesses adhere to KYC/AML regulations. Furthermore, the regulations of the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) has tightened regulations even further. Businesses will be protected from severe financial fines by using the address verification service. 

Verify Address – Benefits for the Businesses

Validate address – every industry may benefit from verifying addresses in the age of digitization. The banking and e-commerce sectors, however, are in desperate need of this service.

The online business sector experienced serious financial issues as a result of bogus refunds and delayed deliveries. Cybercriminals present businesses a fake address in order to get their money back, and they then claim chargeback fraud. An address verification service could be a useful addition to the company’s multi-layered security protocol. Additionally, it is essential for companies in the financial sector that their customers are who they say they are. To carry out their evil objectives or hide the fact that their money is originating from illegal sources, businesses typically employ a variety of stolen identities and address credentials. Implementing online address verification can stop the funding of terrorism, money laundering, and unauthorised access to bank accounts.


Various government-issued documents are needed by businesses when performing address verification services. The client’s identification cards, passport, driver’s license, employment letter, insurance policies, utility bills, and financial statements are only a few examples of the documents.

The previous records are actual proof and need to be updated often. The documents’ originality and legality are checked by the authentication system. For thorough verification, the system often keep track the client’s full name, address, the dates of issuance, and expiration of their personal information

In Summation

Address verification tools can effectively thwart chargeback fraud and other shady behavior. Every company must actively participate in the fight against crime by utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies. In the modern era, implementing only one security solution is insufficient. Manual processes won’t be as beneficial. The firm will avoid failure if KYC and address authentication services are combined.

Artificial neural networks and powerful machine learning algorithms are used to support the most recent address verification service, which increases its effectiveness. The service may be used during the digital onboarding of new clients.