A Guide How To Prepare For The AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals


Microsoft has recently released a new certification exam called AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This certification is for those who want to demonstrate their basic knowledge of Azure, specifically in regard to its features and capabilities. AZ 900 exam consists of 70-question. This is a multiple-choice test on the following subjects: 

  • Azure Identity
  • Azure Services
  • Azure Pricing and Plans

The best way to prepare for AZ 900 exam is by using resources such as online training course materials, practice tests, and hands.

Here, we will show you how to prepare for Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

What is the Exam AZ-900?

 This test has been preserved as a starting point for all other Azure role-based exams by Microsoft. Despite the fact that it is optional, it is required to begin all certification exam paths. Whether you want to be an Azure Solution Architect, an Azure Administrator, an AzureAI engineer, an Azure Data Engineer, or an Azure DevOps Engineer, you must first learn Azure Fundamentals.

What are the prerequisites for the exam?

  • This exam requires candidates to have a basic understanding of cloud services.
  • Microsoft Azure’s approach to delivering those services.
  • Technical principles such as networking, storage, cloud computing, application support, and development should be understood by candidates.
  • And your desire to learn Azure.

What is an exam outline?

The following skills will be assessed during the exam. Students need to prepare as per the outline. 

  • On January 25, 2022, the English language version of this exam was revised. To discover what has changed, please download the exam skills outlined below.
  • Explain cloud concepts (20-25 percent )
  • Describe Azure’s core services (15-20 percent )
  • Describe Azure’s primary solutions and management tools (10-15 percent )
  • Describe the characteristics of both general and network security (cloud security) (10-15 percent )
  • Describe the features of identity, governance, privacy, and compliance (15-20 percent )
  • Describe Azure’s cost management and SLAs (10-15 percent )

How to prepare for the exam?

There are a few training choices available to assist you in preparing for the exam.

  1. Online Method (FREE): Online method is provided by Microsoft. You will get all free online courses related to this exam on Microsoft to learn (Microsoft certification training). Microsoft Learn includes interactive step-by-step and bite-size courses and modules for self-paced learning. This course will help you develop the technical skills you’ll need to increase your knowledge and ability to solve problems. They’re browser-based courses that you may do at your own leisure.
  2. Training with an instructor: On Microsoft’s detail pages, you can choose suitable instructor-led training courses to help you prepare for your test, or you can explore all instructor-led courses.
  3. Practice by taking a practice test: Measure Up offers official Microsoft Practice Tests that can help you prepare for the exam.
  4. Microsoft Certified Trainer: Check to see if Microsoft certified professionals will be available for in-person training at your place of business.
  5. Previous Year Question Paper: You can even download the previous year’s question paper for preparation.

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AZ 900 Exam Duration:

This exam will now give you a total of 60 minutes to complete about 44 objective type questions. Extra 30 minutes are required to read the exam guidelines and terminology.

AZ 900 Exam fee:

The Azure Fundamentals certification costs the least of any other Azure certifications. When compared to other certification examinations, it costs around USD 99 (varies for different countries).


  1. Is the AZ-900 exam difficult?

ANS: The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam expands your knowledge base and allows you to gain real-world experience. On the other hand, exam preparation is not a kid’s game. To put it another way, without useful advice and learning tools, candidates will find it extremely difficult to prepare for the certification exam.

  1. Is it worthwhile to take the Microsoft certification courses exam AZ-900?

ANS: As a result, the AZ-900 Microsoft certification is ideal for those who are new to Azure or cloud computing in general. It covers the fundamental topics, making the issues covered by the more specialized tests easier to comprehend.

  1. Is it possible to take the exam at home?

ANS: Yes, you can take the AZ-900 certification exam from the convenience of your own home or from a testing center. Because the exam is proctored, the only condition is that you meet their certification exam standards.

  1. If you fail the AZ-900 exam, what happens next?

ANS: To begin with, if a candidate fails the exam on the first tries Sarkarieam, he or she must wait 24 hours before retaking it. Second, if he or she fails the exam on the second try, they must wait 14 days before retaking it. In a given year, a candidate can take up to five retakes.

  1. What is the validity of AZ-900?

ANS: The AZ-900 certification does not have an expiration date as of writing. Other certificates, like the AZ-103/104 Azure Administrator, must be renewed on a regular basis (E.g. 18 months).


AZ 900 Exam, Azure Fundamentals is one of the most difficult certifications to obtain, as it assesses your knowledge of cloud concepts and your basic grasp of Microsoft Azure. However, you should now know what Microsoft expects from you when it says Azure Fundamentals based on the information above.

Source: https://www.koenig-solutions.com/blog/learn-everything-about-the-azure-fundamentals