8 common misconceptions about window boxes – Neglect these to get succeeded  

A professional packaging firm could provide you with multiple packaging options and their respected designs. However, window boxes are a popular option for the purpose of impressing customers in retail stores or via online deliveries. Brands are free to choose a window in any design for uniqueness from the products of rival brands. Preferred material choices, including both the cardboard and bux board, protect items from all harm. Additional custom options that a brand can include in this packaging are foiling, scoring, glueing, perforation and embossing. These boxes are shipped flat for bulk deliveries with minimum shipping costs.  

The amazing and versatile window boxes are considered highly effective for quick brand recognition and grabbing sales. However, some misconceptions are also there regarding their functionality and impact. However, none of them is true, as someone with less knowledge about them might build a wrong perception. This packaging is the sole solution that could help your brand getting succeed in a short time. Therefore, you need to neglect all of those myths and order this packaging right now. Let’s bust 8 common misconceptions about these die-cut boxes. 

Common packaging is better than window boxes 

People with less knowledge about custom window boxes packaging think that it is not different from a common box. They assume that both of them deliver the same benefits and services for similar purposes. As a result, they often seem to complain about the slow growth of their business. Moreover, some local firms having no expertise regarding their manufacture also promote such things to sell their stock of common packaging types. This special custom packaging is different in several ways and is highly beneficial in raising sales volumes. It becomes possible because of the increased visibility of products over retail shelves. 

Could enhance the packaging costs

People often hesitate to opt for the window packaging boxes thinking it might consume their entire available budget. Especially small businesses that lack the budget assume this and ultimately end up with the common boxes with a boring design. However, the facts are against it. People often think so because of adding this additional functionality in the box. Firms providing these custom boxes always exclude the unwanted parts and reduce the size of this box according to the product size. Moreover, the exclusion of the window part also contributes to this regard. All this optimization and reduction of raw material consumption bring down the costs to a minimum level. 

Window boxes are less eco-friendly

This statement often confuses people because of the transparent sheet placed in the die-cut window boxesAgain, it happens only because of the less knowledge of startups regarding the processes followed. People prefer opting for sustainable solutions for recognition. However, a wrong design can even minimize the impact of this factor. Ultimately, they end up with low sales because of the wrong box design. This packaging type is completely sustainable in the way that this sheet is made with bioplastics. These bioplastics are recyclable and have a fast decomposition rate with zero impact on the environment. 

Die-cut packaging is a lot of hassle

It is easy to grab a normal packaging type in bulk from the market and start using it as your packaging solution. But, the impacts it leaves in the long term could seriously damage the brand repute. People consider the custom window boxes packaging a lot of hassle andskip it from the priorities. People hesitate that either the positioning of the window would facilitate their products or not. But, interestingly, brands can choose the desired position of the box for window placement and part of the product they want to expose. Firms would do so by analyzing the measurements and dimensions of their real products. 

Windows sheet could come out of box

People often use this packaging type in DIY ideas after removing the transparent sheet. Seeing this, some businesses have started thinking that it could also happen with their products. Brands are too sensitive regarding the safety of products and start getting the window packaging boxes as an untrusted option. Just like all other misconceptions, this one is also a stereotype. It had never happened with any brand because firms use highly sticky glues that never get off the box walls. Moreover, this sheet is set inside a box that brings down this probability to zero percent. It could only happen if people cut that part with scissors. 

Moisture could pass from the window

Believing over the misconception that this window is not capable of resisting humidity is the ridiculous one. Moisture damages the quality of items, and metallic items even become rusty. Moreover, food items could see an impact as this environmental impacts their lifetime and quality. Nevertheless, it is not the case. These bioplastics are even better than the rest of the materials required for their production. A low-quality bux board has such chances, but they also get eliminated in the case of these bioplastics. 

Reduced space for product detailing

It is a genuine concern of the people that they need to display traits of their items outside at packaging walls. The best spot they choose is the front wall of the box because of maximum interaction with the customers. The problem of reduced space for product detailing in the die-cut window boxes is not an issue. Their versatile design minimizes the need of doing so. People can know all about the products from these see-through windows. Noticing all the basics like colour, texture, and quality becomes easy. Still, there is ample space over the walls to do so. Moreover, even brands can get printed sheets with the desired information. 

Effective for bakery items only

The use of this amazing packaging type is common among bakeries. Therefore, it has become a common perception that they are only perfect for bakeries and food items. But, the fact is that they are even success serving businesses from jewelry to clothing. Moreover, these types of boxes are also common among all types of apparel, digital gadgets, toys, soaps, and cosmetics. The list is still much longer as they are suitable for every retail item.  

You have known the actual performance of window boxes after reading this myth-busting guide. Every brand needs to investigate any myths first regarding such preferred choices. The formula of these boxes for success is quite simple, and it is facilitating customers with the purchase decisions.